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Voice heard. Please do that voter registration Olis'. We don't meet that okay. We needed to be up up up all right. We got work to do we we we. We have to do our part we definitely do. Yeah, all right now it's time to take some questions for the show, and if you want advice from our very own sheep, love officer Steve, Harvey please submit your questions to Steve. Harvey F. M. Dot Com. Here we go, Steve. This one is from Selena in Detroit. She says I'm in my mid thirties and I started dating one of my good friends. After, we slipped up and had sex. It lasted for over an hour and afterwards I told him it was the best sex I ever had I. Hate I even said it, because since then he's been trying to outdo himself each time we. Even, good after the first twenty minutes, and I don't have in an extra one to two hours to have sex with him every night. I asked him to keep it short sweet, but he says he can't. Can I get through to him without hurting his ego? To you know what I mean. You told me it was the best year ever had. He tried to make sure he'd let you down. And you ain't got a whole hour on hill, but he that clown enough and statement he made about he came short it up oh. He came. Oh, he can, but his his ego now that's causing him to over. Perform an do himself. And Got Terry he can't keep this up. Right he just normal. You know. Each Lesson. Eboni Deon occasion ever night. Fifteen minutes! That's cool. She's cool after twenty. Two Twenty twenty viewing. You Ain't got what you need in twenty. You need to try another sport. Take tiddlywinks badminton some. You can't get yours in twenty. Dash Iota. AM fault. What should he say to him? See without hurting. Fred Hurry Auto. Ain't the game. Oh! Ask. Let me, see. If you can get this. In in fifteen minutes Goeke. All right all right. We're going to move on I've Kevin in Raleigh north. Carolina alot since I have a situation that I. Need Your advice on my best friend is getting married in October, and I've slept with his fiancee, but he doesn't remember it happened six years ago and a clubs. Yes, after she had seven Tequila shots and a little we, she was with three of her girlfriends, and somehow we ended up having drunk sex in the bathroom she had just met. My best friend wasn't serious about him yet. The funny thing about it is that she acts like she doesn't remember that night at all. Either she was very drunk or she's a good actress. Should I tell my best friend about it? Over Yeah. You shouldn't tell your best friend and you know. Don't listen to me, 'cause you ain't like the other letter. We just had the love it now. The COO question see you ain't made an impression. She might not even really remember. You Ain't do not. So now you go take your hurt. Ashfield is over that Meshal boil now man on a right though. And she could be pretended not to know old remember. That! Case all you leave a lasting impression, is she? Don't remember either way what purposes it of yours to? Boy! Just can't tell everything. Man on seven Gogo. Met. Stupid Man I remember. I. Don't do that all right. There's some stuff that everybody should take to degrade. This one of right there, that's. All right here we go green fool. Over. Tommy I ain't got an I got to take a degree I buried. All that stuff is already agreed. That was smart enough. The DNA coming back up. All Right? CEELO here. We go. Johnny in Pittsburgh says. I'm a forty two year old single father of four and I have a hard time finding a decent woman. I thought my children would run women off, but it's my looks I'm a personal trainer and I'm in great shape. I'm bald. Dark Skin and everyone said that I looked younger than forty two women. Women don't take me seriously I always get accused of being a player, but if I'm not working out, I'm home with my children I haven't been dating at all because of Covid nineteen. I'm ready for some female company. So how can I get women to stop looking at me as a piece of meat and really get to know me I? Know you're. This. Outpatient I, hear! You thought you'll. Keys would run women. But. She'll look. Ball Doug Skiing. You failed to say you were track. He checks all the boxes though you can be balled up skiing and ugly. Ugly. Say He was track. UTAH. Shirley Shirley seen some Deuce, he thanked 'cause he geel. The desks. It yeah what Roman you know running from that. Get outta here. Dog is something else wrong he's. Cut Up, you might be ball headed. Ed Dog. Tall dark and handsome is a thing. Maybe you just two out of three? Maybe you just told Doll. Dog No. Really get you that far now party. All right. We gotta go get Jimmy Yellow. Kellyanne. Nephew who also thinks he's fine. He'll have run that prank back right after. You're listening to. Morning Show..

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