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Unlimited 1.5% Cash back. What's in your wallet? Terms? Applying capital One bank U S. A. N A 06 And this news is brought to you. By Estes Audiology Topping Austin's News. The Williamson County Commissioners Court has officially called on the city of Boston to postpone purchasing the Candlewood Suites on Picon Park Boulevard. For 180 days and meet with them to discuss it. County Judge build. Ravel says he, like many others, was taken very much by surprise at the location As county judge. I was not made aware of this until this past Friday. One of our good commissioners who communicated with me. And until I saw the newscast Sunday night, I had not even been aware of where the location was. Other county officials say they want to know what Austin is planning and say the city has not been transparent about what about its intentions. Lot of Austin residents on the Williamson County side are still lining up against the purchase of the Candlewood Suites. The city is set to buy and turn it into a homeless shelter resident Philip Gehring tells the Williamson County commissioners court. He lives next door and his family has already had interactions with the homeless. My daughter who's six years old has been accosted at both P Terry's and both My Children have been my eight year old in my six year old Yielded asked for things basically just kind of pushed away from the parks that they've grown up with ABS. There is full score of Daycares and a dozen public schools within just five miles of the pro Goes site. John Cooley News radio K L. B. J. A Virtual Town hall discussion is planned for 6 30 this evening on tomorrow's expected purchase of the Candle with Sweets Council member Mackenzie Kelly will host it along with members of the Austin Police Department, the real estate department and various homeless service providers. Always not favor of the $9.5 million purchase. But most of the rest of the council is this week. The Austin Council will also vote on creating a new forensics lab that separate from the Austin Police Department Council member Alison Alter says discussions have been really began in 2016 What a PDS Dnepr backlog kick Massive levels predated any action that we took in August in terms of a desire of the council, and we have lots of material that support the direction that will be taking on Thursday. Arrive in state labs have been doing the work for the city in recent years, according to the Agenda. Almost $12 million that the council reallocate it from the Austin Police Department last year will be put toward the new lab, along with nearly 90 full time positions. Homelessness remains on Governor Greg Abbott's radar. If he tells cave you, there are no easy solutions as part of a statewide camping ban he's considering, he says, the homeless wouldn't just be thrown back into the shadows. We want to help put them on a pathway to a better life, whether it be Helping them get off of an addiction. They may have up in them get a home or a living space that that's what they need is. The plan would also include job training and access to food and or health care. But, he says, what cities like Austin have done have only made things worse, which is why he believes that statewide ban is necessary. West campus safety remains a concern for people in that area as another assault this week is being investigated by police. Emily Crone with the student group Horns for safety. Tell CBS Austin living their campus Now it's just not that we're not worth the risk of it Times. I have felt very uncomfortable walking home like definitely think that lighting needs to be improved Two years ago, the city said 228 new lights were needed in West campus costing as much as $2.3 million. The city's plan has been to install the lights over a five year five year span. But at this point, Austin Energy says it's still working to contract with an engineer on the coronavirus. Now we're there have been some very clear drops and Travis County's metrics this week intensive care bed capacity has grown in the past day is the number of people in the ICU is falling 147 total hospitalizations now at 504, it's highly likely will fall into the 400 by tomorrow. They're almost 60 Fewer active cases today and that number stands at 5144 Austin Public Health still focused on vaccinating people Age 65 older, but certain people with underlying health conditions are also now qualified. Austin Public Health Director Stephanie Hayden says about 189,000 people meet the criteria, but only 12,000 doses have been arriving each week. We're gonna be Probably 16 weeks out from now, before we're able to provide vaccines, and that's if we just kind of stay in this 12,000 vaccines a week City and Travis County are working on a new call center to help People register and they're more than 50 available hospital beds and Williamson County. Then the word just a day ago is overall hospital capacity. There is climb to 21%. I see you. Bed capacity has grown and now 14% since March, Williamson County is flag 32,565 cases Right now, 1636 or active and 30,600 are recoveries. 45 degrees right now. In Georgetown on Patrick Osborne. Get Austin News on demand and news. Radio. K l b j dot com. Hey, this is don, and you're listening to the best of town and don Right now, now we're gonna be live at 5 30 so you don't go anywhere and we'll be on all the way till 10. Thanks for tuning in you are listening to the best of Tide and don on NewsRadio K O B. J. The city of Boston Office of Police Oversight is recommending changes to how and when the police department uses force. It's part of a larger rewrite of the Department policy ordered by the City Council last year, following protests sparked by the deaths of George Floyd in Minnesota and Mike Ramos here in Austin, a Caixa and reports in this latest report they released by the Opio just last week, so just changes in eight use of force areas that line up with campaign 08 can't wait Recommendations. Eight can't wait Advocates for more restrictive use of force policies. For example, the Opio is recommending a PD revised its part. Lucy's related to shooting into a moving vehicle. Now in both cases, Mike Ramos and more recently Alex Gonzalez, the AP the officer that shot at the moving vehicle with criminal suspects inside in the Gonzalez case, a woman believed to be his girlfriend was shots. Neither officer who fired their weapons in these incidents have been charged. Yeah, The Travis County District attorney is taking the mic Rae most case to the grand jury next month. Yeah, he has gotten some indictments against a couple of police officers already this year in those cases vary from this one. But according to this report, from the Opio, shooting at a moving vehicle is difficult and can lead to an innocents or uninvolved Third party being harmed. In addition, when shooting at a vehicle results in the driver being wounded or killed, the threat presented by the vehicle is not necessarily eliminated. That vehicle is still moving. Yeah, the report says. A PD doesn't.

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