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And at least as it currently plays out, we play it with with pretty weekend. So? We're talking with Kuzma Brad Lander if you want to weigh in with a question, a quick question for him or second guessed, please call two, one, two, two, zero, nine, two, eight, seven, seven, a customer speaking of kind of the separation of powers, issues is an interesting argument playing out now, which is that public advocates you honey Williams says that under the charter he has the authority, or his signature is required on the warrants that allow the city to collect property taxes on which of course the whole budget hinges and he says that if he doesn't. Provide, those signatures, the seat is half that authority, and that he is going to withhold. The signature is based on his opposition like yours to the budget was passed. Do you think that the public advocate is on firm legal ground there potential future comptroller of the city is, is he right? Well let me answer I like what he's doing. I. Don't I honestly have not had the time to look into the legal questions about the public advocates power in this regard we up till two in the morning voting the budget last night and so I. Think I'm going to let the lawyers adjudicate the question. Is He right in this power? And obviously that's an extremely important power, and yes I'm running for controller and controller. Advocate has a primary responsibility of fiscal stewardship for the city's You know tax revenue, collection and bonds inability to pay its debt, so the comptroller is supposed to look at these questions differently from the public advocate I love that he looked at it with the question of I believe we are in a time of fundamental reckoning with systemic racism in policing and that we are not waking up enough to what's required to do something about that and that it's almost like he brought. Brought the tools of disruptive nonviolent civil disobedience into the public advocates office, and said what is like a nonviolent disruptive action that Says No. We're not going to do business as usual without waking up to what the moment requires here so i. think it's Great. The two things he put on the table. are very concrete and very reasonable, right? A hiring freeze at the PD is worth noting that he did not say in that thing. It has to be a billion dollars, he said. Hiring freeze, which is what we're doing everywhere else and a just transition framework for moving some functions in a serious and thoughtful way, and those are are pretty low bar there reasonable things that did not get moved to use this disruptive power I mean I think it's the public advocate, saying my job is to advocate where I see a real fundamental inequity issue, and we just walked through so many days where we lacked the realities of that the SIS say systemic racism we mean is if the system keeps operating as normal. It'll keep reimplementing racism every day and here's the thing. I'm going to disrupt that so i. I don't know whether he has the power or not. Well. I mean weren't those couple of things. Really part of the discussion for quite a while and things that the council should have really been pushing on I mean. Yeah I mean to to sort of make this threat. The day of the budget when the city council had already made a deal with the mayor seems. A little strange. To me and I'm not sure about the..

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