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Winning customer support d i n g exclamation point three so head on over to square space now because they're making it easy on you tissues our offer code stuff when you ready to launch and you will save ten percent off your first purchase square space think it dream it make it wisquare space uh so let's talk about the psychology of all the stuff yet animal psychology and people psychology he's really not much different ibf skinner is a person psychologists very famous one yeah he created the skinner box that's right it has children and i was that what's his face i don't know i thought you're talking about the kid that was kept in isolation arthur oh um baby albert albert noted let's totally different that was some fear extinction that they were studying catch as his conditioning that skinner was all about um so operate conditioning is what we're talking about and that's basically uh connecting a behavior with the signal um and giving the animal reward yeah it's like it's pretty much a onetwothree cycle yes it's basically saying like um you did something that any even remotely close to what i want you to hear some food and now you have the animals attention they're like oh where did that come from right now uh you kind of shape that behavior where it's like the no come on let's let's try turning to the right and that if they move to the right they get a little bit of food and maybe if they turn all the way the right they get a bunch of food here um and then you have say you're leading of with the stick yeah.

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