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Yeah must've been busy that day my phone was out of order for so long no one what was the film what was it it's a little comedy that netflix spot thank goodness did you see they're building across the street it's very sexy building blocks it's on it's on the netflix it's called the late bloomer so you couldn't have been jane lynch makes no sense maria bello i think she's got you by at least ten years now probably great i'm gonna be at mother twenty eight year old that doesn't work could i'm forty six i'm will be forty six wins okay hyun jun yeah oh you're very good well research have a little bit of memory left do you know how let's veer do you know how columbus circle happened did we this funny yeah i kind of do but you can refresh my memory it was like all like an accident and we're you involved writing you did you produce that also i don't think so but you you were already attached with amy smart to do a different movie you guys right called department one a one b or something like that no it wasn't is whatever but it wasn't that sets were built already for that movie that movie fell out but amy and i weren't attached to other actress what oh in canada but since the whole movie fell apart their deals fell apart and these these two very expensive sets were built and so george gallo so i'm ends and chris malik chris was produced you saying that apartment movie or directing at producing chris was producing it instead of losing.

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