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Lead up to the Super Bowl. I'm Elliot Francis. WMA L news at five. Oh, good morning everyone. I'm John Matthews with the city's homicide rate growing by forty percent last year DC's taking a significant step to deal with gun violence, by prosecuting cases involving felons caught with guns as federal rather than local crimes in federal court. Prosecutors will have access to greater resources and have more time to scrutinize cases than their counterparts in DC superior court tactics. Like these were last employed decades ago when DC was known as the nation's murder capital, mayor bowser will have more to say about this at a news conference today. Virginia your time to use your phone with your hands while driving is running out. Both the house and Senate in Richmond pass hands free laws joining both Maryland in DC, which you've had the band for years all the police will have to do that. If they're grabbing along the roadway, and they see a driver using their phone in their hand that is a traffic offense, and they can pull them over and they can incite them or using their phones. Delegate. Christopher Collins is sponsor of the house Bill, which must still be combined with the Senate measure and face final approval, which is expected to happen by the end of the general assembly session. A split DC city councils narrowly approved a plan to allow its vendor that runs the DC lottery to run its online sports betting operation as well. Critics push hard for a competitive bidding process but bidding process rather. But they say the city could get a better deal that way but supporters of the plan say that would delay online betting by two years or more and cost the city an estimated sixty one million dollars in gambling revenue. In the meantime, a loss far greater than any savings. The city could get with a competitive bid, even as he looks. I survive strategy amid his med school yearbook scandal Virginia governor Ralph Northerns conducting the business of running the state he has signed a Bill giving Amazon the seven hundred fifty million dollars in incentives. They wanted it exchange for the promise of almost thirty eight thousand new jobs in Arlington checking your money. The Dow opens it. Five four twelve the NASDAQ seventy four to in sports, the capital's beat the connects three two two and a huge setback for the wizards. Is John wall, falls and injures. His achilles at home. A setback. The doctor say will keep them off the court for at least.

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