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Can you give this to jump peel please. But so and that night. We're in the pop. We have this tiny transistor radio pup gove the engineering camden and And joan pill came on said. Yeah go play the fool. I'm gonna play the clash on their playoffs. Well and squirt and we do you think he's say scree plea at we will find a fellow chairs he play this and they said Okay god's if Few listening gives a cool and coming in and do a section are not you know we. We didn't even record so to get played two here on nine. Come out john pills. Mouth for one thing Then get wreck. Apply then the invited into recession so just went bang. You know who up like that. It'll ended up in disaster but It was it was great well because life is you pretty soon. If you engage with life under percent. I've got this thing because it's so that's what what's been like ever since. So how did you move from being in a will nine band to then doing the coporate stuff. Because that's a huge shift on not having seen loving musicians do that successfully. But what was the impetus and handed you start sort of shitting your onstage persona in a rock band and then gone talk to culprits about collaboration in working in teams and being synchronized nice little things being the tremor in the pan is about collaboration in sync. And look you know always looking after everybody in the band and then the audience you know. It's not just tapping along in the background. So in that way it was quite an easy change the actual mechanics of it and this is always advisable to everybody in the music. Business is be successful and then have nervous breakdown so i saw looking at the list down. The success go then got back kit. Iran loves me is trying to break dance. So that's what i did. And in that time i couldn't listen to music anymore. Couldn't i mean. I really went for in a big way. Couldn't even get in an alibi or a lift a take the stairs. If there's music in it so go quite fit right now and then. I was on a retreat in front silent retreat to get away from everything says in in the door and i didn't know i thought just booked up for some time away but put to that. It was three weeks that we're doing something cool. And enlightenment intensive aunt. I wouldn't wired about being like dogs. A marxist strikes anyway so ended up with this in a sweat lodge six. Am nike chanting with a whole bunch of other people to be enlightened and And when we came out the leaders said oh go to the shadows in this big conoco's grounds got to the chateau for breakfast. The an outside that been he up the Stunts on this there was a djembe outside. I'd never play the djembe light this And also just have a go. You know this no. I know people now music because now we're competing with stevie wonder for the christmas hit. You know there's nothing. Nothing i got me plugged on. So i just started playing with is close by this fire. the sun was coming up. One hour is up in playing ten minutes and surrounded but nike dunks in people because no one had gone for breakfast they be way in the partly for some of the turnout. Serendipitous with some music says there are was from zero to hero. I was so i saw. Well there's some in this the this music thing who's like the groove returned to me and i returned to the group so when i go home up these drums. Those haven't seen what you do with corporates. What do you do and and how do you get teams up and up and active..

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