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The game so i might be the only one who sees this loophole that will get to it yeah you you you know you it's basically you know how they're sixteen of a pretty small house and were here for ninety nine days in we we have literally one thing to do which is play a game let's not talk to a certain amount of these people about the game what else do you talk to them about what do you mean don't talk game with them like excellent question is so wait so like how much time of day do you guys talk game am i supposed to get everyone's like we haven't talked christie is is also interjecting today mostly jackson christie talking a little bit of holly kind of just sort of guessing agreeing with everything but cribbing jumps in a lot and says you know it's just because so coon by were also closed and i think were close because we don't gain very much we just we just fine and were just open unhappy and so you can join in on that stuff like i mean you don't you don't have to abide by that you could go do year old thing like we're all we all know you're gonna come across game talk eventually and i don't wanna think they can't be a part of it but like maybe don't instill it or routing in any way it's just a suggestion none of demand and yes i really apologize for my complete lack of impersonation i'm sorry i'm not taryn iran i it's it's literally it's literally like i okay okay here's here's the thing mary i just feel like it's best for us that we never talk about the planet earth or anything that exists on the planet earth we should only talk about things they don't have anything to do with the planet it or anything on it well i'm glad you said that because i have a whole whole list of things in my notes i segment out the things that game talk and are not being so i got about three things on here we could talk about for the rest of the podcast ground game talk it's right yeah there's a great moment at the end of this house meaning actually where where sam says so did you come here and have to take the pictures by the pool 'cause you morning those pictures that were not allowed to talk about production and immediate cut to fish with great is really wonderful oh i bet i wonder if david supervised his photo shopping yeah is it was really funny i love that 'em they had good times a let's see well you know there's really not a lot have left it's not we are only allowed to talk about things a warrant game related on this update so a we kind of i think we could skip to the end of my notes here 'em you know nick and bella got into a little spat that oh yeah yeah from a cat made a funny joke in debatable a dude more more tension in love triangle between a holly cut and jackson oh i love that a lot of lot of complaining from jackson about cat david made a joke the judge avenue notes were not a good into game related shoot shoot well the good thing about all of this is that a cliff this is the savior we need an attorney you just immediately leave this meeting goes talks over you know he's like wait were not allowed to talk game ankle such talking to you well i'll tell you in i'll keep you up to date with everything don't worry about it don't even worry about it through the rubble rubric yeah i don't know about this house meeting really showed me which people i can count on to bring me happiness in this game enda it's the ones who continue i came to me and even david to some extent so yeah if anyone's wondering who the underdogs are we found on the arena we at least they're aware enough to continue talking game some kevin perfect all right a so yes oh we talked a whiz cliff cliff said that he feels like the next three likely targets are a kenny cat ingest news mostly i just i pretty pretty windsor brought up yeah i mean i

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