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Only pay for what you need Four 48 Traffic from whether on the 8s with Dave dildine in the WTO traffic zone On the beltway in Virginia the car that caught on fire in annandale on the outer loot burn to a crisp they needed more than just a tow truck that needed a flatbed but they cleared it and all that's left is one trooper and one help truck on the right shoulder all lanes on the outer loop are open heading toward two 36 a little river turnpike 66 westbound still slow out of fair lakes et cetera hill but the broken down truck beyond 28 is clear Three 95 and 95 southbound slow through Springfield The crash about a mile south of the beltway under the franconia Springfield Parkway reported in the left lane Volume delays had a Quantico northbound slow on 95 leaving Fredericksburg lining up to take route 17 north crashes on 17 at the northern side of the 95 interchange northbound on 17 You're getting by by staying right Volume delays on 95 northbound at a Quantico into Prince William and fairfax counties Roberts Parkway at Burke center Parkway crash getting cleared out of the intersection Italy put the beltway still slow across the legion bridge and slow in many places through Montgomery and prince George's county with no crash as reported on the Maryland beltway Two 70 north bound heavy leaving clarksburg with a new crash reported near the lane drop where they often happen Baltimore Washington Parkway southbound beyond one 98 Laurel Only one lane getting by a mishap 50 no delays between the beltway and the bay bridge We did have a crash back in Montgomery county on gaither wrote Picard drive Pedestrians involved police remain redirecting traffic around part of that intersection And on D.C. two 95 northbound before betting wrote believe the crash was towed out of the right travel lane Join the YMCA in February with a $0 enrollment fee visit YMCA D.C. dot org for more information and sign up for a free guest pass today Hurry this offer ends soon Dave dildine WTO pay traffic Hey Matt Ritter after tonight what are we looking like for the weekend Mainly drive with some fluctuating temperatures because of a couple of weak fronts that are going to move through the area We'll stay mostly clear this evening winds will be diminishing after sunset and temperatures will be falling.

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