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Cruise line and guy fieri as well buddy. Got me into that yet again. A phone call from a I need a guinea build. Barbecue pits that we put on occurs. This when did you become friends with guy. Oh we've been for long time. We embark kiala fame and just through kansas city barbecue society barbecue society. And all that. We've been busy three years and so anyway I said let me think about ever minute here. Well i believe we could. Yeah yeah we can do that. And the funny was to hear him. Several years later explaining this to the paparazzi in new york city when they did the media and della valley. We just kind of put this together and use guy making fun of me. I was so confident work. And then these and then he called me back a week later and so but she's an involved process because when you think about letting they would fire burning barbecue bit actually on a vessel has five thousand souls on it is a very serious say its version Watch movie Tag danny of the big responsibility. So yeah i just but when add very methodically and got what's headquarters of carnival cruise down in miami and they set up a meeting with lloyd's of london world's oldest insurance company correct literally. Why insurance started time insurance table. Pull up by the way and questions. I check with me. And had it set up in their their yard out in the back of the they had forced and during the break i took him downstairs and fired it up and show them how it would fail if it sounds it fails in the same manner and the safety precautions that are built into it and we spent the entire day at the end of the day. They asked me to lead the room and So i'm out to up here but anyway little. La they came into say well. We made a decision. Urine credible is how many how many how many ships are they're old hickory. Pets on their behalf. They one after another and then they got shut down. I think rarely got fifteen or We've got new orders coming in now. Oh you do yup yup. That's beautiful. I love to hear that. That's so his. What an incredible story. So i love the i love. I love the entrepreneurial aspect because there's crazy ideas that somebody on a podcast or i'll go and i have a friend and they tell me something i go. Oh yeah our team can do that. So you say yes to guy fieri. You're like oh yeah of course guy. We can do that and then when you go back to your team. What did they tell you. What did you promise david to do this week. Figuring out it worked out in the back of this This deal in new york city was the had all rousey there and he was up to show entail at the pits in this room and he went through the whole of a and a sudden actor that we did a promotion down in texas It's texas state. Fair guy called me and he said hey we're going to be fair and what should come down. I wanna do barbecue contests on what you take care of that florida. And he's about. I want you to get there isn't guys Okay how you'll be there where you won't be any game this address. I show up at the address in this restaurant any said before we do the thing back at the state fair. I got a little work to dinner which you come along with me though. We shot three episodes of ashes. And they yes. Every amazing is there and the first one was Kinda funny. I think it was ethiopian cuisine. That's what i serve air. You'll be really skinny. Got but again i. I was if they do have easy. Open presented with this couple of ethiopian restaurants in san diego tasty to reckless and that but in the second place i thought i was going back to the limbaugh. Every damore stops this x. base barbecue now. Once you in it as well really put you on camera a uniform script anything. We faked it. That's amazing it was so fun it was the title of it. A look at it. It's called bird and beast burden beef. We'll we'll we'll put a link in the show notes that the restaurant fit. If aged atoms were Smoked duck and argue beat brisket into a served kick those out for us and it was pretty fun 'cause everytime he would say duck then guy i know.

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