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Logical step towards one and i'll perfidy agree with but towards its final years wall christie wasn't given enough soup license points iki restrict people you can't force drive i'm saying it was it was already on on project yes but karnal saints when he wanted it wasn't that long until when it settled backing arguably the cpa license point system is what was the final nail in the coffee for the championship because i'm really went will we put our drivers interests so why are we going to bother spending any money for anyone else because ultimately we're not getting anything out of it you know definitely worse some drivers who on balance new they could get more potentially more points in faa back series versus at the time three point five even gpt's provided that many term that many really good talk terrible champions and drivers into one he never got into full day no how many taught drivers do even know that going forward with all talk about all this guy obey star of the future this guy ob future champion this guy will you look since two thousand and five even who sweat when gp to started who from there his won a championship since then sure hamilton came up rothberg came up and then vessel came up from formula renault so you could argue what one two champions from gp to one from formula renault and the other champions we've had since then ready and f one anyway reichen a button alonzo champions the we don't see them that often they are very much a splash in the water.

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