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Work on planning which is something else we talk about because it's not just one thing to be able to get in the market out of the mont market but to have a trading plan based on your needs and that's where you started this whole conversation off on john where we can now come up with a plan that may allow you to start working part time maybe some of you want more time with your kids maybe some of you want to go on these and collaborate vacations and you can do so you just have to have like you said the ability to be coach 'able check your thinking at the door and be very childlike because there's younger kids will be broaded and said where's the chart going they could tell us adults can do it too it's just important to do it sooner than later because the more time you take the harder it is to catch up and everyone listening right now could start off very slowly 'cause i think so many people get intimidated so let's talk about some of those baby steps that the average person could take in order to become a better investor let's start with a needs assessment this is what we teach our classes that you don't have to be trading like a bank in terms of their dollar positions sizing your trading like a bank in terms of your rules and so there's people come into the academy that are very happy making a couple of hundred dollars a day or make be a couple of hundred dollars a week because it can supplement their income enough that they can take a break i see so many of our students so grateful coming in that they had a work driving liberer they had to work a weekend job to make ends meet and now it's some of them become a family affair john they're bringing their kids in and they're actually all learning together where the family as a unit or trade together and now you have four brains instead of just one let's talk about the patent on online trading academy's education it is unique it is patented let's talk about why it is so unique because there is a certain way that you can identify how markets move and what we've done is ashby said we've created this simple stepped mythology processed of investing and trading that allows our students to have.

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