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Male and 85. Dr Marc Siegel will join us. We'll ask him lots of questions about the vaccine. And these positive cases that are increasing 8 35 brings this season for each year of the Washington Examiner. About today's the first day of the Select Committee on the January 6th rights, Amber 80 of the Spectator and Virginia voter. I'll have you know she keeps this company all morning long. Hey, Amber. Hey, Larry, I say of Virginia voter, because while our next guest would like you to cast it in her direction, she is a Republican nominee for lieutenant governor. When some Sears and Miss Here's You are a dangerous, dangerous woman, because Twitter is trying to protect me from you. This was a remarkable development. Thank you so much for joining us. Thank you, Larry. I mean, apparently, I am a danger as you say, and who knew who knew that a black female immigrant from Jamaica could be a problem. All I want to do is help represent the people. Maybe you swear like the Marine that you are, and they had to sort of ramp you down. So I go over to the Winstons. Here's Twitter account, and there's a big warning the pop stop that that that the precautious cautions me about you before I can click through and actually see what you have to Say has Twitter. First of all, What's the latest on this? Are you back or you verified? Will they let your voice be heard? And did they give you any indication as to why they put this precaution up? Yes. So I'm first of all. Good morning, Larry. Good morning. Good morning, and good morning. So So, um presto, Magico. I have back on Twitter. They are, You know, they haven't said anything about Russians attacking me yet, but wait, wait, wait. It's coming. Um, they they have no reason. No nothing. Except maybe somebody there took a poll and they don't like what they're seeing. And And so they're fighting me and all I'm trying to do is I say is getting our folks to recognize that our Children are failing and we owe it to them to get them into better school so that they can have a hope in the future. Was there a specific tweet or post that you made that they said violated their terms. Because their explanation has been Oh, well. This was an error. This was a mistake, which, of course, they say all the time when they send their conservatives, But usually it starts with a post that is totally innocuous. So I'm just wondering what it was that they flagged on your account. Well, no. Well, see, this is the same when when? When the the powers that be Don't like what you're saying. They just push the button and bam! You're you're gone. Nobody hears from you again because they have the power to do that. That's what we have to fight. Think about that that they could just say No, We don't like this talk, Sam. You're gone. You're done and the only reason they brought me back. I think it's because there's been a groundswell of folks to say Wait a minute. That's not like I have been actually running since the third week in January. I'm not said anything I haven't said before. What did they suddenly discover me? Yeah, No, they have figured out that I'm making headway. I'm winning hearts and minds And they don't want that to happen, because apparently my truth because, you know, they told us, there's my truth. And there is another proof, and there's another truth. There's not just one truth. And so they don't like my truth. And my truth is that we must learn to live with each other in peace and harmony. Yeah, and it's a terrific message that is catching fire in Virginia. I've seen it. There's a lot of attention being paid you and it's about time when some Sears and I'm so proud. That you're the Republican nominee for lieutenant governor. We've spoken many times, and one thing we've never done is talk about your opponent. But I want to spend a little bit of time on Hala Ayala. She is the Democrat nominee for lieutenant governor. And by the way she's verified on Twitter. No issues with her. No, no, everything's fine with Hala Ayala. Except for this when she was running for the nomination, she promised not to take any donations. When some series from any of the big corporations that do business business with the Virginia government, and then it was revealed. That she took $100,000 from Dominion Energy. I mean, this is exactly what's wrong with these politicians, isn't it? Well see, That's the thing. She made this promise, and she has been making it for four years that she would not take that kind of money. And then one week before her election, Lo and behold, we find out she took $100,000 from the very same people she said she would never do. And and so she all the people who have been voting for her. Based on those promises, you know, she just threw them away. And so now you know she can be bought. She has a price. $100,000 you wave in her face, and she'll change. But Larry, get this. Why did she say she took the money? She said she took the money because she needed the money. Phones are always going to make some money. They're always going to need the money. You can't trust her. That's what she's saying. You can't trust her and all I have Is my good name. That's all I have. I can't lose that. Well, by the way. What other reported this that I think that's a great point. I needed the money, I'll great, but also this. She was challenged by one reporter and hasn't been no follow up by the way and what, two months now she's why did you take this money when you said you wouldn't her answer was when some steers people change their minds all the time? Well, okay, well, that's certainly instills confidence in your elected leaders. And people wonder why politicians aren't to be trusted. I mean,.

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