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With me and an amazing co-host my sister Courtney. How are you? Hi, guys and Mr Nima, Van, she share. How are you welcome back to shenanigans this is number three. Shenanigans, regular. Who has the highest number because I'm going for the title other than my Co, hosts. Arianna how many times does she i? Think three I think three. King on top of the mountain here. Number three for me. I'm very excited I think three is the top because Arianna did my very first episode I episode of the season and then redid my birthday. So technically if you WANNA, be technical about this, it's really two and a because one of them was like the Shah's. All you got A. Quarter then right by. Do you know that was my highest downloaded podcast ever? Yes shows we. We hit hard. Yeah, all of the men of Shaw's thousand. Good one. Don't get along. Kept you all separate like? Approval because the with you know Bravo loves to get approval. WHO's on it before and they like like. Are you like trying to be? Andy, Cohen and host your own like mini reunion. No individual interviews in one episode. It's not GonNa all be. There's a lot of love love love there, but there's also a lot of like passion there, and that can sometimes go negative. Someone told me I was like really really. You're going to do this, but it worked out for it did. Production in your living room in Palm Springs. Production, I mean brock had the laptop into the TV. We had the dog camera. The cell phone cameras the Ring Light. There's a lot of love will. We'll find our way back at some point, yeah! I will say there was some t spilled on the podcast that probably should have been saved for the reunion. This bullshit and speaking of I know you probably can't say so much, but can you at least tell all of the fans? Wondering will there be a reunion at all, so let's put it this way. You will be getting a reunion. Let me be clear on that, but it is automatically Bravo's decision on when to release details. You know this as well we're. We're not at liberty to say that, but has there been a season of Shaw's without area now, then answers. You know I just had to ask because that was probably the number. One question came in along with your teeth. Your dating life just so you know I can go back through my have about ten dates lined up for you. Yeah, so. We love to see it Yeah, but before we get into all of the fun stuff I do WanNa, go back to the serious stuff and what is going on in our city in our country, and that is all of the protest, the riots, the looting for you being in La this whole time because I was in Palm Springs, and then I was in Arizona when actually all the riots broke out, so I have not been back to L. A.'s since everything happened driving down. Today I came from Santa. Monica down to third I was blogging the whole drive down and seeing Sir and everything from here to there. Boarded up is just insane so two questions for you one. Have you attended any of the protests into? Did you experience any of the riots? I have not experienced any riots. That's I've attended. Two of the protests I planned to attend more. I did not post about them on social media. You know I mean me physically going because I thought that was a bit disingenuous. No disrespect to people who do that, I just thought that wasn't the purpose of what I'm doing. Post about it later because I have a small platform that I wanNA use, but I see what's happening now is like really one of the greatest things of my lifetime, because you cannot deny that there is systemic racism in this country. And this for the first time feels like an actual societal shift I read a article that the city of Minneapolis is going to disband their police department now without even giving a comment on whether I'm pro or for that that proves to you that there is real fundamental change happening and like. How could you not be encouraged by that? I haven't seen any writing that I've been a part of I've seen it. It's hard to watch some of it sometimes, but you understand that there's a world of hurt that maybe you don't understand. Find it hard to see in the media to, and they are showing so much of the riots you know and they're not showing so many of the peaceful protests. Even la I see them on instagram. It's like we have twenty peaceful protests going on in L. A. Today, and then you see the one that goes bad on the news, Yeah! So. How many of you attended now? I've just been to one. Okay, but I didn't see media coverage of that one at all, but it was awesome so when we were marching, we would get to a point where the police were stopping, and everyone would take a knee and one or one to two people would go and speak to the police. The National Guard and they would let them know that this is a peaceful protests. These are intentions like this is what we're marching for the police. Then stand back and let us keep going and like through, so that was really cool to. Yeah that makes me want to cry and there are some amazing resources for people who are looking to find out where protests are happening because in the beginning I see a protest after the fact and I didn't even know what was happening. Told me about it. That's beginning to you amazing resources, or in this together underscore la on Instagram, and the black lives matter Los Angeles instagram page both will be. Be Posting up to date daily protests that are happening if you want to actually take part and they post them the day before. So you know what's how it gives you a chance to plan to go if you're in La or if you're in any major city where there are protests like you should go like I was thinking myself I'm like I don't want. My kids asked me twenty five years. Years from now. Like what did you do? In the twenty twenty like black lives matter movement. I don't WanNa be like oh I, posted a couple of stories on instagram like right. Obviously, that's important to like. Use Your Platform. I've even noticed in Palm Springs. There was one on Saturday, and then last night we were at dinner and we like start. Hearing likes some screaming and we're like what's going on. On, and then all of a sudden, all of these protesters are marching down. I was like Oh, my Gosh, because I haven't been able to attend one yet because I haven't been here and I just got so excited to see all of these people peacefully walking down Palm Canyon drive, and it was so cool to get over my dinner table. I walked out I went, and I was cheering them on. Stores? I just got so excited because I'm like I feel like I mean I'm using my voice. I've talked about it on Youtube on my podcast I'm posting, but actually not being. At them because I have been trying to keep my health as my number. One priority I've also been helping with my eighty seven year old, great aunt Shirley, the one who played for the Rockford peaches. She just had hip replacement surgery and she lives around the corner from me so once. I got my Cova testing back. Negative and Mike I need a quarantine for as long as she needs me and I don't want to put myself directly around thousands of people and put my health at risk when I know I'm good..

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