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Lisa Let Sarah Fox News people are dying every hour and the transmission of covert 19 is rampant. That statement from Los Angeles County health director Barbara for rare California reporting 293 deaths from the virus and more than 50,000 new cases today, California Governor Gavin Newsom says he's going to continue to ring the alarm bells to make people feel guilty. To shame. Anybody ordering 5000 more body bags for distribution socks is Jeff Manasso, Southern California and the state's Central Valley regions that include 23 counties, and most of the state's 40 million residents have used up their hospital's intensive care beds and many hospitals are reaching capacity. The San Francisco Bay area is joining three of the state's five regions in the state mandated stayed home water as available. ICU beds have dropped below 15%. The mid Atlantic and Northeast in the middle of what could be one of the biggest snowstorms and years. Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont has activated the state's severe cold weather protocols got to make sure if you don't have to be on the road, do not be on the road. The snow's going to start dropping heavily later this evening. And we want you safe at home well before then, and call into any seniors or folks alone and make sure they're okay in New York City, expecting heavy snowfall. Possible sleep conditions with high winds throughout the overnight New York City, Acting Sanitation Commissioner Edward Grace and Massachusetts governor Charlie Baker is urging. People were able to work from home tomorrow to do so. The FBI in the cyber Security infrastructure Security Agency and the office of the director of National Intelligence have confirmed that a hacking campaign impacted their network and they say the attack was significant and ongoing. The FBI says it's investigating and gathering intelligence and order to attribute pursuing disrupt the hackers. America is listening to Fox News. W E Mail news at 902. I am Tom Rooney. It's been a long, long day with a lot of snow, but it's going to go away in a couple of hours. Looks like this stuff's gonna taper diminish and probably just be left with a couple of snow showers. Around midnight. That's weather man Kevin with everything should exit across North East Maryland after midnight as things taper off one of the hardest hit spots all day and into the night has been Frederick County and Todd Wiggle. The sheriff's department still wants you to stay inside tonight. We're asking an important everyone to stay off the road unless you're first responder unless you're trying to get to the hospital. If you have an emergency. We're just basically asking that everyone steps forward so that we can get out and help folks out. The Prince George's County police officers headed to prison for seven years Lieutenant Richard Talent, former lieutenant Richard Talent sexually assaulted a female officer to Fraternal Order of Police Lodge Party. Three years ago, he got caught red handed in the woods by fellow officers who turned him in. Some new covert restrictions were set to take effect this afternoon and energy. Dale County. But then Helen and earned L County executive changed his mind. The action that we're taking is moving from the 25 perspective, passivity and bartered restaurant to take out only Stuart Pittman's announcement last week drew sharp criticism from restaurant owners who had spent considerable money creating outdoor dining. But now hitman has relented a bit..

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