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Very nice nice other pop culture news of front of the site john scowls e i just announced that his his series book series old man's war has now been option by net flicks to be turned into a movie cool yeah now is movie the right venue for forever right right medium for for the sfo romans wore because i would have thought you know if an hbo ord afflicts picked up it would be a series let's less expensive prayer movie movie at this point if you're talking about a bigbudget risne ethics original yeah it's a movie since good leah yeah but if this law story to tell us if netflixing have bought the rights in with the tell the whole story or they could do the novi see how that performs and then nettie could also make it a series which you that's the great thing in the metrics model yeah like they can they have ever they can just do any form at they want spears i find you know what we forget about comes out next week is bright i am excited for that this is their first big budget original david eire's will smith a joy joe edgar ten of this on afflicts it is a net flicked it is a movie that otherwise would have been put on the big screen but danes date you just get to turn on at flakes and you'll get to watch it four k hdr what do you mean day home it's also on the rescreen i don't know if they are i mean i'm seeing like when did the release date on the released a as opposed as saying all through the movie theater spend ten bucks on ticket thirteen bucks on a ticket to flip on at flakes and you get this bigbudget filming home that's crazy.

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