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Monday or stream it live or on demand monday cbs presents a new comedy that asked the question can you ever limb to close to your perry each thanks first i don't like your child yes yes you can be waiting twelve years futile moved back we must establish some growls i understand that now mark feuerstein gold and linda laven star helen slottje march is being bomb what you get the first five now it's my turn none jkl series premier monday only cbs lee sleep history of scores and 1883 led the first world series game this week 1911 cy young had his farewell appearance in a major league baseball game drill wilson in the first president to attend the world series 1915 this 1941 the world series was first brought jason radio yankees tied their own record of four consecutive world series wins this week 1962 laura cbs wednesday on rights the some two hours to get your choosing targeted she was a witness who had to be silenced you have the glick one he needs easy targets hey sixsuicide pattern usually kills and she is ready to deliver profer dear to go in jeans in the ruins histories we get into the mine till the killer cbs wednesday or stream it live or on demand sunday's on cds tasting the nation's vice president mike pence starts off our broadcasting any adviser or anything the trump campaign had any contact with the russians who are trying to meddle in the election democratic leader nancy pelosi what are you tell democrats want a new direction we sat down with defense secretary james mattis keeps you awake at night i keep other people away flood senator bernie sanders saw that is a very fair porsche i have my own opinions you can have your own opinion but i wanna know europeans here the press in the united states these nations john dickerson sunday's on cbs the morning 540 i'm harris alan this report is sponsored by credit karma and brought to you by newcastle building products and.

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