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Entire slain into two hours a week sit back strap in and be prepared to get your ears glove here is Jim beaver and you know to be able to beat somebody with season like that you know that that's got to be one of the biggest accomplishments no matter whether you're in your twenties and just star from dirt fish follow them on facebook instagram and twitter at dirt Fisher Alley like what you hear catch all the bag episodes of the down and dirty radio show on Apple podcast and be sure to rate review and subscribe walk back to the down and dirty radio show powered by Polaris razer Jim beaver in Chris Leoni here we've got our our five hundred four and our power rankings going on both of us had botas at number five Mitch Guthrie ED number four I had to Adrian Air Elena at number four both players razor drivers I might add but that means we gotta move into our top three on the week four power rankings here on the show and I dunno Chris get started with your with your number three on the week well Jim I think we kind of have the gentlemen's agreement they raised it starts on Sunday is delayed into Monday we factored in instead of pushing forward the next week so I'm GonNA head to how to sweet home Alabama GonNa go to data and while I would love to give it to Brendan gone for flipping landing it and moving forward and I love how he talks actually gonna give it to the winner of the Race Ryan Blaney who nearly threw away with that botched pit road entry earlier in the race but Ryan Blades he holds off Ryan Newman by point zero zero seven seconds and frankly saves this season because coming off of that first race of this playoff round the twelve in Dover you know bad weekend for Blaney there and he was going to be at the bottom of the list but you know one of the Nice things about the playoff format regardless of what you feel about playoffs in motor sports in general is if you win you move on you know and that reward clutch performances by guys like Blaney who points wise may not have had a chance so you know Britney doing that taking the victory to move on to the round of eight I'm going to give him the number three spot on my list well in another Weird World I've Got Ryan Blaney at number three on my list so you and I are both the five and three were watching Chris Four we both Got Utd drivers from Laughlin this is kind of weird because our stuff never matches up like this makes me wonder about our top two guarantee one of my top two won't match yours but yeah blading I mean like you said I I have a love hate relationship with with Nascar in this playoff format and the point the stage racing but it does lend itself to guys really you know throwing caution to the wind you know come the final races of the year and we come to appreciate that and like you said Blaney you know it's like the NFL I know like the cardinals were talking about ten years ago when they went to the super bowl I mean we were like we weren't picked to do anything eliminate it but you know what he somehow managed to sneak his way in with a win there and Chris photo-finish was crazy I mean was it was amazing that every bit the photo finish and I always want to give a little I want to be partial to guys I tend to be the WANNA racist delayed by a day and you've got to come back the next day and finish it I think that is so hard from a driver because you're in the moment on Sunday and then all of a sudden that's stripped away and you've got a you know you go to sleep and you've got to come back in you've got to refine that adrenalin restart the race and that's not an easy thing to impartial drivers so Ryan Blaney I mean for all the reasons you said you know as well as mine I've got him Number three on my list yeah I I mean it's the there's so much going on with having a superspeedway race be part of the play offs where you've got pack racing like that and you've got the potential.

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