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Kgb the don't zero the yeah the post the drums the drums are ignites judged as how tributed people's enjoy pounding drums no mm jomaa boards grassy girl martin clutch guy steamroller lilic gene bruton vow not being done on this the pierre gained cabs out the way oh no it's not going to be a democrat i think that it is to be a republican kgositsile much easier to just be normal good morning and welcome as a little sample love hilary people yesterday who a year later are there are honestly they're like japanese soldiers on islands in the pacific and 1973 wearing their homemade burlap pants up paul writing note on coconuts today's democratic party rule kooky show what a nutty launch they had the i don't know which had called at its site k nationwide group panic attack or something that these people i don't know what happened to their brains that all these people have terrible parents or did they were they born with encephalitis or something like that may be some kind of cerebral encephalitis maybe an epidemic of some rain meeting virus that was loose set a democrat town hall meeting and it's been spreading ever since it's like it's like legionnaire's disease some need people raisy later completely nuts those by number one whereas where somebody no this is in philadelphia that was in new york rear listening to new york here there in in philadelphia didn't work out so well only three people showed up in philadelphia it's the you know the liberty bell and independence hall declaration of independence all that good stuff and and only three people showed up in philadelphia to yell at this guy there are three women they were wearing comfortable shoes tagged named publican and there was a guy standing across the street from them who is making a video of these three women who were screaming at the top of their lungs because a year ago hillary clinton lost and honestly it's like it's like kim jong un died and there and they have to come out in public can and scratch their own eyes out and scream at the top of their lungs does guy standing across the street and he's making a video of three crazy democrats gene it countdown.

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