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So they've got somebody you know in the in the infield along with corrie to and if he doesn't sign elsewhere they got turner now plus get max scherzer. Which is i mean. As a guy who covered max scherzer you know in in the early part of his career when when when at one point they had max scherzer david price and justin verlander all in the same starting rotation couldn't manage to win a world series. I've watched his career and what he's been able to do and and he is. He's solid need him to not ahead k- sky and and he's not what it used to be but he's still pretty fantastic and i don't know tyler how much more you want out there in los angeles. It's like more. We want more we want more. Let's get rest book and let's get assures the giants they wanna do. They want to catch the giants well. On the john. And the giants got kris bryant. You know it was an mvp so the you know the the rich got richer in all its stafford stafford. it's westbrook and insures that all one. I mean you know how it is. I got one more for you. Okay and this is flying under the radar. And i can't remember anything quite like this happening in a long time in baseball mitch. You know cody bellinger is hitting right. Now he's hitting one sixty three one sixty three a guy who was an national league. Mvp tyler people watched the dodgers closely. Say his swing is somehow incredibly broken right now and they don't know if it can be fixed this year. Yeah it's unbelievable how you go from an mvp type seasons to obviously falling off in the other day. He had horrible throwing air just not through it across thrush to third else. White twenty feet wider little literally. Kids don't want it that bad and it was a huge moment. Ended up losing the game but yeah he's he is in the pits and need to get him out. Get him going some album. Sixty three terrible any striking out. It's just horrible bats. Guys don't feel bad for us. So we would definitely be remiss if we don't pay homage to a young man who is nate. I was known to me. Two hours ago jonet helm that name. Ring any bell for you at all john. Gentlemen either you're going to tell us well. Joanna helm has just become the first rookie in major league baseball history to successive walk off homers. On saturday night it was in a. He's switch hitter catcher a two homer game which he homered in a fifth inning right handed and homered and later in the game left-handed win it an last night. He had a tenth inning. Walk off To win it for texas. So i mean this is just this in context. Gentlemen an absolutely crazy year of homerun stuff. We've got guys sitting homeland. You'll be the remember. Remember we're talking about home. Runs again because they they stopped letting pitchers cheat. That's because we were talking about. What in the first two months. The season strikeouts. Oh yeah well how about we got a catcher. Who hits his first. Three home runs is as a big leaguer in the same game yet. Tonight's alley good by the way. Don't go to sleep on the white sox and they just got craig kimbrel to go across town. They don't sit by the white sox..

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