Iraq, Iraqi Government, Dr Peter Barr discussed on Morning Edition


Is the world affairs program while the shadow of violent extremism still looms large over the middle east many in and outside of iraq have started contemplating the divided nations future how can the iraqi government begin to move beyond the most recent phase of violence we'll hear from dr peter barr to expert and former advisory in middle east political transitions who had discusses the future riposte isis iraq and you can hear that conversation tonight from 8 till 9 o'clock with another rearing tomorrow morning at to here on kqed sunny and warm today we'll have highest from the low 80s of the coast to the low 90s inland at kqed public radio the time is now 551 this is the california report good morning i'm john sepulvado over the next few weeks you're going to be hearing us report on a murder trial that's become a flash point the debate over immigration the victim is catherine steinle she was killed in san francisco and by all accounts sally was a smart generous warm and giving person now part is really forward but how she died the person accused of killing her and the ensuing political fallout is much more complicated kqed's marisa lagos and alex emslie are covering the trial and they're here with us right now in alex let's start with you tell us about the alleged killer in this crime soho say in as garcia's iraq day is this indigent mexican national coups in the country illegally he was in the country illegally and had been he had a repeat history of that as for the crime it's not disputed by any of the parties that are both catherine stein lee and the defendant were on pure fourteen in san francisco on the waterfront and the defense's arguing any way that jose in as garcia's iraq didn't have this gone up until judge before the shooting he found it picked it up wrapped in some kind.

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