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You know and and it's just not really a way around I. Know So. That's the I mean. Here's why it's in some ways. It is like looting in Matt. Because of the looting. They chain. They're like okay. We'll give it a chokehold. It's like they go. We'll do stuff hopefully. I mean I don I I had the thought. That Delina is alluded store right. And Spike, La. Yeah, he's he's Pi ironically enough. He's Flight Club Ironic. Their people they sponsored him for a long time now he finally gets to feel what it's part. Maybe it's part of the sponsorship. But he got looted, and the difference, between Flight Club and and a person is fly. Club has insurance. and Chris may be getting looted. Kind of falsely or incorrectly. And in, it's in service of women fighting a bigger. Battle or bigger war, and he's a battle that he may be collateral damage in a bigger battle, but that's still. wrong. If he if he did it, did it. Go Away. You know what I mean. So I just had a thought. What if this new era as an entertainer? You had some sort of insurance. You could buy insurance. You can buy well ironic grin by. defamation insurance. You can buy insurance like basically mouth insurance. From what you say. About you get like I, remember them off. I remember Dave saying it be like. They brought it his attention when when he got popular. And I don't know what it costs or whatever, but you can't. What's The insurance? So if I mean that the insurance wouldn't work because it's like. If you get falsely accused of sexual misbehavior, then will give you money. Like the it's there's no incentive for him it. He has to pay in it. There's no right I'm just thinking like if there was I just feel like as an entertainer especially now there's just this trend of like. and. There is something weirdly satisfying not to me, but I think as spectators, there is something weirdly satisfying of people being brought down I I see people being like Ooh. I always hated him. has nothing to do with. This situation you, don't you not liking his jokes? Has Nothing to do with this, but there is some satisfaction. People are getting. He also can come across maybe smug like some of his Let's see comedy. You think he's talking about like how great! He is I don't fucking. Know I read a lot of feedback and a lot of. It's like I. Never liked that guy. You know and that's really that adds onto the mob. Rule not becomes a pile on not because. We kind of lose focus and it's just goes to like Whoa we took it down. You know it's like as we're protesting and we're marching. were making something happening happen? And we're coming together for good like it can easily be done the same way so. I I don't know it's weird like the more power we get taking one thing down. That's why people like Oh. We took down to Leah. And there's this between like those guys. There is this kind of overly macho. Some people say toxic masculinity I think they're cool, but. And I feel like people just want to take down, whereas most of them didn't do shit. Literally, it's just their friends, but there is something. I don't know psychologically satisfying for people like you. Then like let's go dig in the crates. Let's go see what else you fucked up on. Let's see where you said the one comment. That's discussing so I. Think it's. You know I don't know how. How to curve this. Social. Take down this mob mentality. I don't know I mean that's what a friend of mine said that covert. He thought post. Covert canceled culture would be severely muted and I was like. No, it's sweep. It's too sweet. It's too fucking sweet and. You also feel powerful. It's sickly sweet. It's absolute power corrupts. Absolutely. There's no system for. But again, also, it's all women have. It's all women have so. I get that. I absolutely get that. But. But like it's all, but but at the same time there's no. There's no. There's no like levels. There's just one level which is an isolation. It's a nuclear bomb. And I've realized twitter in the last week is is gladiator. It's it's the. It's the Coliseum for famous people. Is that they just they will go.

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