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Ceramics farmrelated climb now johan a third season chelsea were an absolute catastrophe alienated his plans that rao madrid his tendency to fallout easy overrated isn't march around podgy by 100 yaalom podgy could when i urge you coming up with non overrated radio is the most nonsense thing i ever in my life overrated relative to people signed he didn't say that you said over eight well obviously it's relative to how people right here i think people right i wouldn't put the phones allegedly report almost saying he's even when it's over they have not saying a bad manager are not saying is about millions overseeing good manager achieve grove weather is not in the same class as ferguson not in the same cloth as rain this michelle's he's not in the same klaus as cloth he's not in the same class as job stain i think he's a better manages the goal the thing that you're claw figures i i'll tell you one of the reasons by the way is his personal behaviour the way that he pope the i of the barcelona vote you see same personal give you what about brian it was an example using a shocker at leeds as well the mccain on plus garden builders not so i am saying i'm not i'm not saying is a bad manager i've heard he has impressed congress's yeah sure sure so you can dig out marina azyabina he is another man's you're done not the same but ferguson some of his behavior many columns about it and i don't like but i think the strength of ferguson was a was his ability to create a club.

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