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Dan. Ryan and Bobby for eighty seven all lanes blocked off with a crash more on that in just a moment. We'll go to Chris haver Mel live spothero tristate stack. Seventy fifth eighty second street toll plaza northbound to ninety round the two ninety up top side and then around grand avenue worst of the bunch fifty three three fifty five southbound solid past lake down the Roosevelt with a crash on the side. Chris haver mill spothero mobile seven eight on the Edens out your good for but just a nineteen minute drive. It's forty coming in from lake cook to the Kennedy junction westbound off the spur. That's a backup up onto the Kennedy. Twenty two Montross eleven express and thirty five to the airport crash past division on the right shoulder coming inbound an hour five from O'Hare the extension eastbound heavy approaching Mannheim up on Eisenhower, thirty seven to Mannheim and fifty out to route three ninety. It's an hour. Five coming in the outbound. Stevenson, forty two to the tri-state fifty five minutes to three fifty five coming inbound word of a crash that central in two left lanes Forty-five minutes in from three fifty five to lakeshore drive. The outbound Dan Ryan, forty minutes again coming inbound jammed ninety fifty before eighty seven all lanes blocked on the inbound side of the Dan Ryan at eighty seven the outbound side of fifty seven at twenty minutes. Twenty three on the outbound Bishop. Ford in twenty coming in lakeshore drive, northbound a backup grand park through Chicago avenue and past yolks recurred before Belmont southbound jammed up before north avenue over to Chicago traffic, sponsored by Amco transmissions, and total car care and co transmissions a trusted name and automotive repair. For over fifty years will diagnose your vehicles problem perform expert repairs and with easy payment plans backed by a nationwide warranty. Call one eight hundred am for the location.

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