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The same is true of Kentucky in the Gillespie. Here's like sure their attendance dips a little bit. But these people like there's not a ton of stuff to do. So that is what that is the difference in it. It's an UCLA's never going to be able to get over that hurdle. So that is that is interesting to me that I don't know. I mean, I get the point like they usually fan because there are UCLA fans that they'd live and breathe UCLA basketball. They exist. I understand that. But at the same time, it they UCLA is unlike any other job in that the fan base isn't as rabbit, and there's no there's no sugar coating, the just isn't. And you don't have to apologize for that. If you're UCLA fans, if I was struck my shoulders would be like, yeah, I'm not as rabid. I live in a great fucking city. And I have a ton of shit to do in my life is awesome. So sorry. I'm not gonna apologize for that. And I would just move on like you don't need to get defensive about that. But as pertains to the actual basketball and the coach they're going to hire. It's very fascinating. Because I feel like a lot of these coaches are smart enough. I mean, the fact that they hired Steve Alford in the first place six years ago. Five almost six. Years ago. What does that tell you about like the perception of UCLA at that time Tate like that was the best they could do then? So I don't know. It's interesting it it also seems like they're trying to tap into the tradition of those blue bloods. So if you bring a guy like Steve Alford. We'll Steve offer gets it. He worked with Bob ninety played under Bob Knight. He's from the Bob. Knight system is from the Indiana ilk, we're going to bring him out here. And he's going to he's going to sell that to these kids. And it's not even about again being defensive is about like playing defense. You know? I mean, what the watch his know UCLA teams, even the good ones. You know, like, they just they weren't defensive minded teams are not really tough minded teams. And that's kind of where you said they were fair weather fans. I mean, they're good weather fans. Like, I think fair is even worse than that. Like, I think that they they should be. They should just be an MBA like they should just they should just sell the idea. All these kids that want to go to these blue bloods and end up settling to go to Memphis, or wherever where I'm going to be the one guy, you know, say you're take his caldwell-pope. And it's like, well, I'm going to Georgia, and I know that. They're going to do everything in their power to surround me. So I look good and set me up to go to the NBA because as good PR for them UCLA. I mean, obviously, they're doing that in some capacity now, but they should just lean into it. One hundred percent. We are just an NBA factory. We we're gonna take all these kids that really do just care by themselves. And we're just gonna let them play pickup as glee and sometimes they're gonna win crazy games. And sometimes we're going to have, you know, fun years. And no from the for the rest of it. You know to just is what it is. Like, I mean, they're trying to bring in these old school coaches like Steve offered to kind of teach discipline and to get these kids to play a certain way, and you're not gonna play that way in southern California doesn't fit the identity of the people of Sal, southern California doesn't fit like lavar ball would have more fun with coach and one of these teams at UCLA than Steve offer was having because he would roll the balls out and say, look, look how athletic and talent talented..

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