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Mike Chopin, the bulldog WJR, this is Jon Murphy. Get your bills coverage right here. Not just on Sundays. But all week long on WGN sports radio. Five fifty. Hi. I'm Jay Farner, CEO of Quicken Loans. Thirty percent of Americans who are planning home improvements of five thousand dollars or more. We'll pay for those renovations with a high interest credit card that may not be a great idea. A better idea maybe to take cash out of your home with a Quicken Loans. Thirty year fixed rate mortgage the rate today on our thirty year fixed rate mortgage is four and a half percent APR four point seven eight percent. Call us today at eight hundred quicken or go to rocketmortgage dot com. Break subject to change fifty percent received a call for cost information and conditions. Equal housing lender. NMLS number thirty thirty. We've got our W twos from work, and it was kind of shocking. It was like how can we make this much and still have debt? Right. Not to mention zero savings. Anyway, it's a new year. So we decided to get our financial house in order. So we met with a financial advisor who dug into our expenses. And he found two things that were killing us. The first was unplanned expenses broken water heater leaky roof and high interest credit cards were used to pay for graft out how getting a favorable fixed rate personal loan could let us pay off our high interest bills and start banking. What we save. He pointed us to best egg dot com, and he was right. Yup. Consumer affairs gave best egg five stars for their super easy online loan app. It literally took us about a minute to apply with no impact to our credit scores. When it's time to get your bills under control and your finances back on track. Visit best egg dot com slash radio upon approval funds can be deposited in as little as. One business day best egg dot com slash radio. Best egg dot com slash radio..

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