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Cleanliness that you know our visitors know what those rules are so that we can stay safe and they can stay safe. And you know, it is a tough job. But it isn't because we have this beautiful destination to promote. Yeah. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers they'll face off against the Kansas City Chiefs for that championship Sunday. Is this a game that people are gonna watch? I mean, the National Football League over the past year. Two years has been very political, and it's turned a lot of people off. Yeah, I just wonder Are you gonna be able to put your differences aside and watch this game? I'll be honest with you. I am excited about watching the game this weekend, getting friends and family together that we've been huddling together. You know, It's not like a big party or anything, but I'll be honest with you the first sign of politics. I'll change the dial. E would love a brief window in love with that I would love a brief window in life where that is not an issue that is being thrown in my face and at the first sign of any politics. I'm out the door, You know, Um, very interesting. Um, I wonder what kind of honest they're good. They're gonna have just say, you know, 20,000. I think it's what they're allowing. Last report. I saw 30,000 okay. Like what? They were doing it DK our stadium here show automatically. That gives it a feel of something that is just not Quite official that It doesn't feel like you're you're regular Super Bowl because, um You're not gonna have all the all the whole year doesn't feel like an official year this past year. It doesn't feel it's like a year that didn't count. The football season is almost felt like a season. That doesn't really can't any of the sports season have felt like a season. That doesn't really count more than they do or not. So I don't know. I wonder what kind of audience they're gonna have. Are you excited to watch it? No, I'd never get excited about Super Bowl. Never been getting everything. I mean, watching this. Watch it. It's more about get together with friends Suspect a goal is about getting together with people and my neighbor and bites me over like he has the past couple of years. I hope he's listening right now. Because I want to come, you know, Drink your beer and eat your food is just the neighborhood that's been holed up inside the house. No, no, no. God, no. No. Damn, No, I don't even think they have a TV. Um But you know, we watch for the commercials, all that we have some big companies Coke. It's not going to ever tell the big boys and pulled out. And how's your bush? At least they're not going to do the regular Budweiser. I think thinking you, Bud Light and Bilal, I Things like that. I don't know. And I don't like the weekend. A lot of people don't know that I don't care about the weak the weekends doing the halftime show. I care nothing about the weekend. You don't like this. I think I kind of dig it, man. I kind of like I like it. Yeah. This is a weekend. This is the weekend right here is like listen. First of all, it's Zob Vesely, a younger demographic. Obviously it's 1984 right now. Yeah, it's gonna It's gonna you know, digital keyboard feeling Let me roll my sleeves up here. Let me push my sleeves up. I'm gonna bring out my suit from when I hosted that TV show back in the nineties. Give me some of you have any ex got a little bit here? Yeah. There you go. You have a corpse. Cigarette definitely got the sound of the eighties. But he's a new artist man. He kind of got subbed at the Grammys to this past year. You've got a lot of nominations, but kind of got kind of got snub. I'll be honest with you, man. I don't know how. I don't know how anybody can play in the Super Bowl halftime show that does not include Shakira and J. Lo. That's all you need. That's all you need Hips. Moving and the hips don't lie that I'm sure.

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