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Whatever that is. So anyway, and then not to mention by the way when you play the Led Zeppelin version now kind of moving onto to bigger stuff that will come back to later. That's the first. Repetition. So we just played the the very beginning. And then after this comes in. What I think is a brilliant. You just heard a tiny bit of it there. I don't I don't wanna violate copyrights. I wasn't trying to play his little of it as possible. Anyway. Brilliant little recorder arrangement by unsung Led Zeppelin genius. John Paul Jones. I think is perhaps the unsung hero of that band. Really? Beautiful lovely recorder arrangement that he did he played like I think I wanna say four or five recorders, and these harmonies eight adds so much to it. That is nowhere in the the song tourists for me at all the song. Tourist by the way. I don't want to not to talk crap on that song, it goes different places and his and his lovely. But there's a lot of additional stuff here that is nothing to do with that. And so that's that's that's point to there. And then what I think is also interesting after that f major seven chord and stairway. And then in in tourist it's this. So again, you can voice stuff differently. That's actually. Slightly different court. But anyway, after that, they totally they diverge, and they they even diverge on the D cord so like the cord before that if we're going to this. Torres goes here. So kind of leaves that note in there and stairway goes here. So it's it's a it's a slightly different chord there. And then here's where we get to more of the substance of what I would say if I were an expert on the stand many many songs utilize this progression. Many. So I thought I'd do something here that that that might be interesting. We'll see how this turns out, but Andrew I wanna play a little progression. That's from a song that I guarantee you and virtually a hundred percent of our audience knows. And we'll see if you can get it. So here's here's the song..

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