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Traffic and weather, Joel Riley. Good to have you listening. This morning was a great break, Tom. And I for sure we're off a better part of two weeks and just good to be back and getting things rolling. Again. I see a couple of big time. News specials coming our way saw a little bit. When I was off president, John F Kennedy and first lady, Jackie Kennedy, son, John John pretty much known worldwide from when he was born but his life was plagued with tragedy from early age. He was just shy of his third birthday and sixty three when his father was assassinated, sixty eight his uncle Robert F. Kennedy also assassinated, he grew up a good looking charming famous made a media sensation but fame did not bring him happiness. He struggled to find himself professionally he jumped from law to magazine publishing then on July sixteenth of nineteen ninety nine tragedy. Struck again is John's wife Caroline beset and sister Lauren were killed in a plane crash been about twenty years since that tragic day. So there's going to be an ABC two hour primetime special that is coming up, and then most anybody who's been alive long enough. Will remember the name Lorena Bobbitt, John Wayne Bobbitt? So there's a two hour twenty twenty documentary reporting with new details in that infamous case, and Well, I I don't know any anytime. I hear those names I kind of clench up I kind of you. So I don't know if that's something I would watch can watch. But yeah, there's a little bit of. Stuff about.

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