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Apply to me that that applies to business. And then something happened. Where i just dawned on me that i i actually didn't have a side hustle and i didn't have a hobby i actually had a business and so then i started treating it like a business. And that's what i made this big huge shift. I think a lot of people are probably doing something. That's like a business still treating it like a side hobby or or side hustle. And there's something that if you embrace that adventure and really call it by. Its right name. You can live that out in the right way. Yeah it's it's one of those things where he sometimes you think even as you start doing it more and more that it's still the side thing and no matter. How talented you are. You're still putting the energy of on the side. It's like make use this analogy of like making a meal. Okay you most people. They have the main course which could be chicken. Steak pork seafood. Whatever Or if you're a vegetarian or vegan you know some type of main dish and then you have your side dishes which are okay. I'll do a couple things on that and that's fine and if your business is your side business and that's what you wanna do then you're dealing with side dishes. They're not you never get the main course unless you want to. If you want to then. I love your analogy. Follow the breadcrumbs. Since you get the cookie. And then once she gets the cookie. You're like okay. I liked us. Let me wash rinse and repeat. Let's do this again. Kaz cookies you know. So where are they you know. Where's the cookie factor. I'm going there. Yeah yeah the most dangerous place in the world to take me as like you know those specific cookie factories that will have all kinds of different that choose from driving like this is overwhelming. I can't i can't do this. You know and my cardiologists is yelling in my ear going..

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