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And we kept asking have you taken this off yet because it's not off the case yet we have not removed from the documents and they're like yeah i'm gonna i'm he's going to do it and my lord's going to do it leading all the way up to write for the case and so i was laughing no choice but defending myself and i was asking my lord that i had to bring blaine to the court as a witness then one day i get a text message and john's basically like hey kind of awkward i was so embarrassed i need you to come and testify as a character witness that we are not in a gay romance together and i was like good one john and then he's like no you laid out the story is you just told you and yeah i was luckily luckily for me i was so embarrassed for it once i explained it was like hell yell so then the night before the case i'm in my closet no free i'm very loud in my closet looking at all my clothes and i'm like how do i dress that says that i'm not an romance with my friend john so i'm trying to pick the straightest close but everything i have is like athletic like super tight fitting i've got a pair of pink pants like everything's skinny fit and i was like going down the story ends very sadly because we'll know we go to the court the next door very sadly because we go to court we show up sort in everybody gets well we all get sworn in and actually emily mcbride are former ecommerce says she was there also to testify like what i did at the at the officers were indeed not fucking and so we go into the courtroom everyone gets sworn airs and like that we're up in the front and then all the witnesses are in the back and he was like that and upfront meyler brings up this part of the case and brings up that we were told this is not going to be part of the case is it part of the case or not.

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