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A very short time, and this time, when they're gone, they're gone, rock will do another run. We can't. So I'm just there it is. 8 6 6 talk gun. Where have you been shooting? Have you been to the range? Let me know. Once that time of year, we're coming out of winter into spring. The days are looking great. We're going out and doing a lot more shooting going out to the rage. That's their thoughts on that. I went out shooting this week, took a new rifle, new rifle to me. I just got a weather be left handed back country TI, super lightweight. In two 57, weatherby Magnum. It's a caliber that it supporters love and other people go, really? What's that all about? Well, it's about hundred grain bullet going 3536 hundred feet per second. It shoots flat in the a, I know. We don't have to shoot flat anymore. We can dial up. Okay, great. Except that if I need to make a quick shot, I don't want to have to laser it and dial it in all that. I just know that after 400 yards, I just shoot whatever it is. Antelope deer Elk done. But as I'm shooting this, rifle, it does come with a mosel break. You can put it on. I did not. Not a huge fan of the brakes. It doesn't kick much. I mean, it's just not a lot of recoil. To this. And then I'm thinking about the other rifle I had out there was the little lightweight two 70. I just had built. And then I got my two 57 Roberts. And still waiting at some point, it'll come my two 84 Winchester. And thinking about all of these. You know, they're all kind of similar for hunting. And I think it.

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