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And by the listeners of kqed it's expected to be mostly to partly cloudy throughout the day today along with breezy conditions this afternoon we'll have highs ranging from the mid 60s to the upper 70s san francisco's going to talk about at sixty five degrees today oakland will a high of sixty nine san jose expecting seventy four degrees and both sacramento and fairfield will have a high of seventy seven degrees from kqed public radio in san francisco i'm queenie kim in this week from michael krasny llanora chu is an american journalist working in shanghai and a few years ago she she decided to enroll her threeyearold son in one of china's state run public schools chinese students get some of the top marks in math insights in the world and she says her son benefited from the rigorous teacher knows best classrooms but she started noticing what she called troubling signs of obedience and a classroom that focus more on obeying rules and less as an independent thinking she started to investigate the chinese education system at all levels in discovered that they're both things to be admired and disturbed in their practices and she's got a new book about all this it's called little soldiers and american boy a chinese school and a global race to achieve she joins us from the state news of the radio foundation in new york lenore to welcomed the forum hi thanks for having me quina so let's start you and your husband rob schmitz he's a name them might be familiar to our listeners he's a npr's china correspondent you all moved from los angeles to china with your young son rainy and when it came time to enroll amon schools a lotta expats enroll their kids.

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