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It with Kelly Clarkson I co wrote the updated lyrics with a comedy writer from in secure name Natasha Rothwell and we just want to have some fun and doing a version of course that attracted some controversy like us because people thought we were trying to ruin Christmas by right me to angle their accent and you know I think people just need to lighten up it's a new version we have new versions of everything all the time it happens all the use of movies as exactly and we just ought to be fun to do a new version and people a few people freaked out but most people are like chill it's fine so you have a a new album coming out or is this a re release as a deluxe version of legendary Christmas also the original version came out last year we just recorded four new songs including yet do it with Kelly and then we also did Donny Hathaway's this Christmas the so called Christmas in New Orleans and we did my favorite things main job some roses and whiskey so yes yes right come along with them yes round packages tied up with string yeah there's all right you're like a new character each line yeah I like he's a do you have a favorite Christmas or holiday song I love this Christmas by Donny Hathaway and it was good to cover that and I loved doing baby it's cold outside that was a lot of fun for me too do you have a favorite Christmas memory as a kid well music was so central to our Christmases yeah because my whole family sayings we will go to my grandmother's house and we would sit around the piano at the end of the day after we watch basketball or or play football in the yard we'd eat of course open presents but the most important part of the time together was a singing around the piano and so that's the most warm memory I have from growing up and that's what made me want to make this album was everybody good in your family not be most of us yes you guys that every single person to a tee but almost everybody can carry a tune a few of them play an instrument a lot of them can saying a lot of them can dance now some little store years ago things Michael there was some story there's a moment where family realizes that the child has special ten yeah yeah where was it when was your view that they realized a wait a minute jons gets something different here well my granny she's my only grandparent is still alive he's my dad's mother and she tells me that around three or four I was sitting at the piano in her house and I was telling her granny I can play like you have to believe me and she was like oh he's not gonna do anything and she said I got on the piano and it made sense what I was doing on the piano then and I started taking lessons around the age of three and I started singing in the church choir by the time I was six or seven I started getting the lead in like school Christmas musicals yeah by the time I was like seven right so I think a lot of people were realizing okay he might be special he might have a gift in this area when I was pretty young is Luna have any of that yet like any of the singing talent it's hard to know she sings along with a lot of seven the car she requests a lot of music she loves Daddy and she loves Ariana Grande those are like she was introduced Arianna because I did a duet with Arianna for beauty and the beast the remake of beauty and the beast so she started just loving everything Arianna does and luckily we enjoy Arianna too because if we didn't it be tough in the car with Luna because he requests are a lot of but she she juggles between listen to our allies most recent music or listen to my Christmas album those are the most common request in the in the contest tough my kid listens the Seacrest okay the competition it is is there anywhere that you want to perform in this world any perform so many different place but I often think like for an artist a certain place that has some kind of feeling to it because it is really an ailing or some place you go and that's a place I can't think of any other place I haven't played yet I've always been pitching this thing okay where you play right beneath the Eiffel Tower and we have a bunch of Lister's go over there in your plan there okay well that's my new bucket list item we got to we'll okay we love Paris let's do it right because go I are losing let's let's get this promotion let's go on a hard this rosary is there anybody that you want to see in concert and a prime suspect they heard the other day Joe was talking about how he never got to see the rolling stones concert that's an excellent question that's a good question for secular take a break we'll come right back out on ledges and studio he is fully yeah yeah so hopefully so hopefully my family is valid today.

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