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I mean, it's not confirmed that he will play on Sunday, but I mean if he's practicing fully and all that, then you got to think that he will be. So we'll see what ends up property that games should be fun between them and the jets the jets absolutely blew Detroit out of the water and that game Monday night. I mean, like I said, either Detroit quit there, but I think it was one where Detroit which is just a bad performance. I mean, I'm giving up thirty one in the third. I don't think he's going to do anything like that. So it will be a close game. I'm tends to play well in New York against the jets, so we'll see what ends up happening. I'll be making my pick for that game tomorrow. But other way, like I said, I mean as far as the volative Parker. Kind of over him. I'm ready to call him a bust Kelvin Benjamin, where you're not even sure if he's a number two receiver. He just might be a number three type guy, both him in Belgium Benjamin's. They've been in the league of struggle to stay healthy and even when they are. Have they really done anything? No. Like I said, Demonte. Parker's king of garbage time. So. That's all I have for devante Parker dolphins, dolphins, obviously happy being one. And now if they got the jets this week in the raiders next week, they win this week. They could very well finish the first three weeks, three. And then you've got the patriots, the bangel and schedule gets tougher after that. So the way we're going to wrap it up here. Next two segments, we will be talking about anything else going on in the world of football. So stay tuned and we'll be right back. The average sedan is built with a steel frame and equipped with six airbags. Remember this the next time you see someone walking drivers be aware, pedestrians, don't have armor a message.

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