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Over ten thousand? Millionaires and one of the common themes we found among millionaires among your broke brother-in-law we didn't survey, you wrote brother-in-law millionaires was this idea that getting out. Of debt was the precursor it was a prerequisite classes you had to, take so that you can take the other clashes prerequisite to building wealth It really is. And I'm, I'm so excited you all. We surveyed over ten thousand millionaires to begin to find out what do they. Really do what are the truths behind where they are and Dave's, right getting out of debt is one of those big. Big keys but. I want, people to understand you've got the power to do extrordinary things if. You follow the process you have to follow a plan that. Actually works and, Dave I love. For years you've been talking about your broke. Brother-in-law or don't. Listen to this person or that person follow someone that's done it and you've done. It and you've been. Showing people how to do it, for many years so I'm very excited to introduce my. Brand new book every day millionaires. How ordinary people built extraordinary wealth and how. You can too in my book you're gonna figure out the exact plan you're gonna understand the steps and you're gonna figure this out that building wealth has nothing to do with your income, level and it has nothing to do with your background it has to deal with the plan you. See millionaires live on less than they make they avoid debt they're disciplined they're responsible and they invest so whether you're On baby step one or four or beyond no matter what your money looks like today. You can become, a millionaire the American dream Dave is..

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