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For the good work as usual. Thank you, sir. You know, we'll let me bring back Laura journal Justice department, our reporters, she's over at the Justice department or right now anymore in the article. There was no comment from the Justice department. No comment from the F B I anything coming in no reaction yet. Will I have to say I mean, some of the details in this are quite remarkable, including just again to underscore this piece on director Ray and appears his only gripe with the FBI director is the fact that he hasn't been aggressive enough in going after Clinton for this uranium one deal that we've heard so much about again that is the issue that Jon Huber a federal prosecutor the top prosecutor out in Utah has been looking into for some time. And we all kind of wondered kind of how all of that would hash out eventually even at the time some suggested that the fact that Jeff Sessions had appointed him in the first place might have been viewed as political given there hadn't been any real allegation of impropriety other than on French sites. And by the president. Self. So we're going to have to do more porting, obviously on all of this including ro role if any Matt Whitaker, the new acting attorney general had in any of this. And whether he was privy to any of these discussions, will that's a very very serious potential that we need to investigate. Let me just read a couple of more sentences from this article Carris Canellas with us. I want to carry you to weigh in on this. Ultimately, the lawyers warned Mr. Trump could be voted out of office voters believed he had abused his power views presidential power. And then the article says this for decades White House aides have routinely sought to shield presidents from decisions related to criminal cases, where even from talking about them publicly presidential meddling could undermine the legitimacy of prosecutions by attaching political overtones to investigations in which career law enforcement officials followed the evidence and the law, so potentially this is explosive. If in fact, the president would have ordered the Justice department to law. Launch this kind of prosecution that could be seen as an abusive presidential power. That's right. I mean in it's sort of the red line the third rail this political interference in DOJ investigations. And so if there is evidence that the president did assert himself in this that that's a big problem in the department of Justice is supposed to be independence not supposed to be an arm of the president investigate his enemies or his his foes. So that is a that is a real key issue here that, you know, more reporting us to to get to the bottom of is that you know, was there any interference? Did this message ever make it to DOJ into they act on it? I want to bring in our chief legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin, who's now gone through this article Jeffrey, give us your thoughts because as I've been saying, it's all very potentially explosive. I'm sorry wolf, you're you're you're breaking up. I didn't. I didn't get that. I've I apologize. I could could can you go to. Hey. Here's a little thick. We'll fix your earpiece over there. We'll get back to you. Let me bring in Laura it's also explosive if the president would have gone forward with this order to the Justice department to launch this prosecution of Hillary Clinton and James Komi. That's right. And you know, it's interesting in the article he appears to be saying began don't I have the thority to do this. He's fixated at least on the idea that inferior as the head of the executive branch. Of course, he can make this type of order, but the question is should he and is that a good idea is that the kind of thing that we want and the kind of norms that we wanna be establishing between the White House and the Justice department, and of course, you know, it still has shades of what we've seen from him as Maggie said his public behavior calling on Twitter all the time for Jeff Sessions to investigate Komi in Clinton repeatedly..

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