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Caltrain's fast approaching all electric future. Speaking of transportation, we are checking your drive on the Bay Area freeways and the byways. And for the very latest, we turn it over to Kim vestal. Good afternoon Kim. Well, let's go to highway one O one to be sure freeway. Your ride through Palo Alto is pretty jammed up. We had a couple of big rigs stalled if possible crash, I'm not sure why, but we know they were there blocking a lane on southbound to one O one. Just pass willow road is where the backup begins, but CHP says the big rigs are moving right now. So heavier than usual for that southbound ride as you head toward Mountain View, but all the lanes have been cleared. Those big rigs take up a lot of room and across the bay and mill pedis. We've got a couple of things going on impacting the ride on southbound 8 80. First we have a crash just before the two 37 interchange, which is blocking the right lane. I can see with the Chilton auto body collision cam. And we've got some emergency guardrail repair roadwork going on southbound 8 80 as well. On the connector to westbound two 37, I do see a lot of congestion as you make the transition there right lane is blocked. We'll be until about three 30. No other major problems in the south bay, highway 17 Santa Cruz mountains, thumbs up, no delays between Los gatos and Santa Cruz county. Next update at two 18 on the traffic leader. It's a beautiful afternoon crystal clear visibility is a lot of sunshine we warmed up actually a little bit above average mid to upper 60s to around 70 breezy as well. Clear and cold again

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