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Life. Poverty. They won't support life dressing. Hell kid, they won't support like pushing for living wages. And so they're claiming is immoral hypocrisy. Abortion rights groups, say they plan to challenge the state's abortion law in court. Democratic presidential candidate in California's Senator camera Harris says she would require states seeking to restrict abortion laws to first obtain federal approval, Harris says if she won the White House, she would back legislation requiring states with a history of restricting abortion rights to receive clearance from the Justice department to change abortion laws, the pre-clearance requirement would face steep hurdles supreme court struck down similar provisions of the Voting Rights Act in twenty thirteen effectively freeing states change election laws without seeking federal approval. One of the world's largest drug makers was accused of using deceit drive up sales of powerful opioids in the first trial of a pharmaceutical company over the US opioid epidemic. At the start of a civil trial today in Oklahoma. The state's attorney general, Mike hunter said Johnson and Johnson played a leading role in what he called the worst man-made health crisis in the history of the country in the state, these state of Oklahoma is suing Johnson and Johnson for damages claiming that it worked to push opioids to people who did not need the drugs in competition with Purdue pharma who's high strength. Oxycontin was leaving driver of the pedantic that's claimed four hundred thousand lives in the US over the past two decades. Recovering drug. Addicts say a change in West Virginia food, assistance rules will help them. Stay clean out of trouble. Dan Hyman reports last week, a new law went into effect, allowing people with drug felony convictions to qualify for the supplemental nutrition assistance program, formerly food stamps, kisha, camels says she's staying sober now after serving a sentence for delivery of a controlled substance. She's as the change this is going to make in her life is simple to bike any while to put food in my stomach. It's pretty transparent. I wouldn't have to fall back into old attic behaviors which could cause me to relapse and go back to prison, again, to try to put food on the table van on phones, getting snap benefits was the result of a nineteen nineties welfare reform movement intended to be tough on crime. Part of the broader war on drugs. The legislature passed house Bill twenty four fifty nine. Lifting the ban during the last regular session, West Virginia had been one of only three states that still had the rule in place. Shepherd with American friends, service committee, says the recovering addict, she hears from Saint much the same thing. She describes it. Most of them as poor and having trouble getting work with a felony conviction on the record and says they have to fight to stay away from bad habits helps then stay clean, this actually help as a crime, deterrent in West Virginia, in particular, I think it's incredibly important, because so many people have caught a drug felony, according to the State Department of health and human resources more than two thousand west Virginians were denied snap benefits because of a drug felony conviction in two thousand sixteen Dan Hyman reporting for the public news service, this bream court will decide whether the family of a Mexican teenager, who was shot to death by US border agent consumer damages in the United States court. It's the justices said that they will hear arguments. Next term, a case involving an agent who fired shots across the US Nexico border that killed fifteen year olds geo Adrian earn end as well Rica, the shooting occurred in two thousand ten on the border between El Paso, Texas and see DOD WADA's Mexico. The border patrol agents says he fired his gun because he was being attacked by people throwing rocks on the next side of the border. The supreme court heard arguments in the case of two thousand seventeen previously sent the case back to a lower court for additional proceedings. The teens family said their son wasn't unarmed bystander when he was shot in the face and guilt. And another case. The supreme court declined to take up a challenge to a Pennsylvania, school districts policy allowing transgender students to use bathrooms and lockers correspond with their gender identity. The justices rejected an appeal from students who argued that allowing transgender students to use the same facilities violated their rights to privacy, the supreme court's. Order leaves in place, a federal appeals court ruling that said the school districts could continue to allow transgender students, the choice of what civilities to us. Canada's high court has ordered that a man acquitted of first degree murder be retried on manslaughter charges and a controversial case involving the death of an indigenous woman. Dan, carpenter reports the supreme court of Canada ruled that on -tario truck driver, Bradley Barton should be retried for manslaughter in the case of an indigenous woman who bled to death in a motel room after a weekend of rough sex. The man's quintal of first degree murder is not changed. The high court said evidence about Cindy Gladue sexual history was not handled properly during the two thousand fifteen trial in a written statement. One of the judges said the criminal Justice system holds out a promise to all Canadians. Everyone is equally entitled to the laws full protection and to be treated with dignity, humanity and respect. And Cindy, glad who status as an indigenous woman who performed sex work did not change the fact that her life mattered in the original trial. The jury heard repeatedly that God, dude was a prostitute and the native Sheila. North is a former grand chief for northern Manitoba. It's worth looking to see other cases and see where stakes are made, especially when it comes to it was almost complete disregard of who she was just because she was an businesswoman. Adopt it turned out the way it did. And how many more cases are we talking about cross Canada that it ended up this way? And, and so I think we have to be brave as a nation and look at where mistakes were made when it comes to indigenous girls and fix them the case led to countrywide protests about how alleged victims of sexual assault. Especially indigenous women are portrayed in the courtroom. The minister of indigenous relations says the high court has issued an important warning to the judicial system. And that is to counter the prejudice against indigenous women and girls for national native news. I'm Dan carpenter back..

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