Mike Pence, Rosanna Arquette, Harvey Weinstein discussed on The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell


Now it's time for the last word with Lawrence O'Donnell ritual and at the end of that press coverage tonight Alex as our did a very good job of insisting that he's very happy that Mike Pence is now kind of on top of this because he insisted that Mike Pence can help make all of these various departments of government work. Which would be true if Mike Pence is actually good at that and we're not aware of any evidence that indicates that it is nice that Mike Pence has a job. I mean unlike other vice presidents. He hasn't been given an obvious thing to do in this administration. This is kind of the first thing they've given him in year. Four of the trump administration. I am comforted by the fact that Mike Pence does appear to operate kind of a normal staffing situation and maybe like a normal sort of policy process. At least he appears to have staffers that he doesn't fire every three days. The president does but the idea that this is something that he serve uniquely suited to and then Alex are didn't even know about the announcement until he stepped up to the podium and heard it doesn't inspire confidence. President Obama of course gave that job came to the Ebola crisis he gave. What is now the Mike Pence job to Ron Clain? Ron Klein is gonNA join US tonight with his reaction excites. How the government's handling excellent. Well thank you Rachel. Thanks Rosanna. Arquette will join US tonight. Harvey Weinstein is awaiting sentencing on a rape conviction in New York before facing trial on other rape charges in Los Angeles. Thanks in part to Rosanna. Arquette who did not testify against Harvey Weinstein but didn't tell her story about Harvey Weinstein in that first week that the stories were emerging. She told her story to Ronan Farrow. Who published it in the New Yorker two and a half years ago and that forced prosecutors in New York and Los Angeles take the accusations against Harvey Weinstein seriously. Rosanna arquette was one of the most famous actresses who came forward and in fame obsessed country in the fame obsessed town of Los Angeles. The fame of the actresses did in fact add weight to the charges. Rosanna arquette will join us at the end of this hour with her reaction to what she thought was she was never gonNa see everyone's convicted of rape and sexual assault charges. But first we begin with the presidential campaign in the final days before the South Carolina primary on Saturday people to judge deleted a tweet yesterday mocking quote. Marsteller for the revolutionary politics of the one thousand nine hundred sixty s presumably. He booted judge who was born in one thousand nine hundred eighty two deleted that tweet after someone told him that. The revolutionary politics of the nineteen sixties represents the single most honorable most important and most dangerous period protests in the twentieth century. People were being killed them because they participated in civil rights protests. People were being killed because they helped black people registered to vote in the south people were being killed for protesting the Vietnam War at Kent State University in Ohio and in nineteen sixty eight at the historically Black College of South Carolina state the highway patrol shot and killed three students and wounded twenty seven and one of the most horrific reactions to protest by law enforcement in that very brave period of the nineteen sixty s and the nineteen seventies. That people to judge now realizes he should not mock James Clyburn wants to South Carolina. State where he met his wife. Emily in one thousand nine hundred. Seventy eight didn't meet her on the campus. He met her in jail and he told that story. Today we met soccer stays campus Come March fifteenth sixty years ago. I'll always remember that day because that was the first day that I was arrested and I met her in jail on that day about eighteen months later we were married off. Stay marriage for fifty eight years. We talked about this date that we love so much. I remember to tell you about her. Experiences walked in two and a half miles to school every morning. Two and a half miles back.

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