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If they can stay above five hundred if they can play, you know ten, six football or nine and seven football they're gonNA, make the playoffs and I think that's where the raiders were headed. So big win for them. Congratulations knots, Kansas City at the box on the are no longer defeated. Don't worry. It's Kansas City you're going to hear more from there. No question about that. Anyway that's One Philadelphia Pittsburg citing game there in Pittsburgh Pittsburgh finally, muscles this went out thirty eight to twenty nine Philadelphia made it a good game. It Halftime score was twenty, four fourteen. Pit. Feeling, comes back with a touchdown, the third and fourth quarter crossing Whiz. Bad than it wasn't the very end unfortunately Pittsburgh Pittsburgh. Kinda pulled away the scored. A LATE TOUCHDOWN took. Lead. Big. Ban That's like it's number share. What would he say we'll do a little number. Big. Band two, hundred, thirty, nine, yards, three touchdown points I'm sure he racked up fancy point for somebody somewhere. On the rushing side here yeah. We have a hundred yards but. They got bounce attack. That's why connor had forty four yards. They got their new running back as dealers, Ray Ray McLeod the third bill mistaken for the second. He is the third. He has sixty three yards on to Russia so we broke on big. On the other side of the ball Carson Wentz. Two TV's he got satisfied times and they got to him now that could have been the difference. Right? There is a five sacks sanders. For. Philadelphia Miles Sanders so good for him on the rushing in but again, Pittsburgh will stay among the undefeated nineteen. And the Eagles lose but that's okay because every team that division likes to lose and other just one win away from being in first place. How come. Kohl's. Nest. Here was an exciting game. Let's take a look at what happened in San Francisco. Yes the dolphins came into town. Yes. It was Ryan Pastor who was supposed to be replaced by the new accounting to a that didn't happen yet. Yes. Ryan Fitzpatrick back that smile within the goes ear year that the beer right there in the middle of it all he was smiling from the get-go but they put they open Kennel what pass on the forty niners is what they did. forty, three, seventeen, the final there these started. came out with two touchdowns were up fourteen nothing for San San Francisco. We were. Witness. Game, we're supposed to be the best team here. Didn't happen that way. Jimmy, Dean made his return on wasn't trade. He. He got beds to the second half. Don't know of because of the injury or just the fact he had a bad game. I just can't imagine pension Jimmy D to bring cj bureau. That didn't happen that didn't help matters. Any by when it was too little too. It didn't matter maybe they're just given Jimmy a breaking arrest so he can get healthy for the next game. Fits three fifty yards, three, td's yes. I've got him on my parents. You rack me up about thirty five or four points. I think it's going to be the difference I'm going to have a winning weak advance. Now there's a surprise. So any rate on the other side George Carol? Did you have a four zeltser forty, four yards nothing that's nothing we're. About saw number. So I thought the throat. The renegade came back tonight as they had Mozart out there he had eleven yards or carries for. Ninety yards that by this point, we know when you're planning on an F. S., you're down by two or three touchdowns running the ball is. Really isn't going to do it and it didn't. It wasn't close. It was the big upset for Miami in San Francisco good for them. Miami is now to three friscos two or three friscos in tough division and I don't think they're going to be the team they were last year are not division you've got Seattle got the rams is not gonna be the year of the forty niners. In the AFC east, the dolphins two or three, and just because I mean buffalo is leader there. But who knows maybe the dolphins can hang in there and? Compete with the. Patriots for the for the second place there. So exciting game big upset fun to watch trying to fund the cover. Let's talk about another one. Here was warned was probably. The to was excited game and a feature to high flying offenses in it was the cold and the Cleveland Browns the colts come into Cleveland the bring the Philip Rivers. The Philip burs says, I'm GONNA throw the ball any dead. Then he threw a writing Cleveland's arm in Cleveland wins this one, third twenty, three you know Monday morning quarterback it's. Once again, we can see it was the baker Mayfield show everybody's GonNa praised Baker in because Monday, morning quarterback everybody said crew rivers gun he should retired gain you. Probably should but you still in the game? You know he took his sack of the big things, Philip Rivers, how the two hundred perceptions led to points on the board. Cleveland Office machine scoring the scorn points. All.

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