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Bridge, but we're still seeing some slow downs coming over the Howard, Franklin bridge northbound seventy five into Tampa. Some brief delays to coming off the Gandy bridge into Tampa's. Well, no report of problems on the sunshine, skyway bridge page, Karrar, NewsRadio WFL a from the weather center. Abraham centimeter wick the injury. Lawyer dot com. Experience counts Pinellas Hillsborough. Ray dragging showers coming in off the Gulf of Mexico and this trend will continue all day extra clouds around with the onshore wind pattern overall a fifty percent chance of getting sometimes multiple rounds of rain highs in the upper eighties, the Rangers off early this evening with a low of seventy seven very similar day tomorrow, fifty percent rain chance starting early and a high of eighty eight out on the water southwest winds at fifteen knots and sees it two to three feet on news channel late meteorologist span. Local and a little different. This is PM Tampa Bay with Brian Gorman on NewsRadio WFL powered over two PM Tampa Bay on Wednesday June twelfth. I'm ryan. Gorman with me in studio Morgan lash, and James Burland or coming up at seven thirty five. Florida politics, reporter, Jim nill Irwin's gonna join us. Hillsborough county leaders approved Afghans plan to widen to seventy five and a fly over lane to malfunction junction. We'll talk about that decision. And when all of these projects, potentially get started right now. We have to get to some breaking news. The president had a one on one interview with George Stephanopoulos from ABC news. And. Okay. And ABC release this clip, which I'm gonna play for you in a moment,.

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