President Trump, James Mattis, GOP discussed on Richard Eeds


He's outside the Saudi embassy in Istanbul where the killing occurred seems according to these sources that it was an interrogation gone wrong. Or perhaps they were intending to try to take him smuggle him out of the country earlier today. President Trump said it was possible because Shug she's murder was a result of rogue killers. The president and first lady of toured the Florida communities hardest hit by hurricane Michael to see this. Purcell is it's very tough. Total total devastation. What's ahead for Defense Secretary James Mattis? The president says he may be on the way out correspondent, Barbara Starr is at the Pentagon and reports it may be hard to criticize Matt maybe a very tough point for Mr. Trump to undertake because after two years of saying that matters is the best. How do you suddenly turn around and fire? The Defense Secretary that you claim has been the best one ever with midterm elections. Three weeks away. House speaker Paul Ryan is hitting the campaign trail correspondent Linda Kenyon has more in the final weeks before the midterm elections speaker Ryan who is not running for reelection campaign on behalf of more than two dozen Republicans who are among them are some of the most vulnerable GOP members like Representative Kevin Yoder, Kansas and Erik Paulsen. And Jason Lewis of Minnesota all three are members of the conservative house freedom caucus, the GOP is fighting to hang onto dozens of seats while Democrats need to flip at least twenty three seats to win back. The house wild swings on Wall Street again today, the Dow finishing down eighty nine points s and p down sixteen NASDAQ down sixty six I'm Mike moss. What does building a better Bank? Look like, it starts with building Capital, One cafes warm inviting.

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