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Time now is 1248. Grab the good weather all the gates and what it breaks. Good morning to he and proffered in the WTO traffic center. Hello there Dana, we start in Virginia once again getting through the work zone 95 northbound coming out of Fredericksburg near falmouth, it's down to a single right lane, and this has been problematic. We've had a couple of issues crop up near the work zone we had a crash in the collector lanes or the local lanes on 95 northbound, the ones that take you actually to the ramps at exit one 33 may still be over on the right side. And then we had a stall tractor trailer, a little farther upstream into the work zone, but I think that's now on the right shoulder. Additionally, 95 northbound Dale City, the right lane should be getting by the work zone on the capitol beltway. We've got work of plenty on the outer loop after the George Washington memorial Parkway to ride lanes past the work zone and then near Leesburg pike you're down to at least one right lane to get by the work. Inner loop, the work after the Georgetown pike heading for the leech and rich are two to the left to get by all of that. 66, eastbound is fine. Westbound, that's where the action is outside the beltway to the fairfax county Parkway, one to the left past the work and then as you get closer to the manassas rest area, the main line goes down to a single right lane while the express lanes goes down to a single left lane as you head for sudley road. On the capitol beltway in Maryland, we're still cleaning up crash activity, outer loop ramp to route one college park exit 25. It's all over on the left side, staying right to get by with little or no delay. On the interloop, there may still be some work near route one college park and that's going to be two to the right to get by. BW Parkway, southbound, the between NASA Goddard and greenbelt road, the right lane, getting by the work's own single file, and then the ramps the southbound Parkway onto the interloop of the capitol, beltway, blocked by yet another work zone, out of the district, New York avenue, both directions between New Jersey avenue and the third street tunnel you're down to the right side to get by the work zones, extra caution as you come out of or go into the third street tunnel. Ian Crawford, WTO P traffic.

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