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Damage to school in Kent this morning the fire was reported on the roof of nearly o'brien elementary school with light smoke coming from that route no injuries the cause is under investigation almost Holly Menino another student on the east side dies from a drug overdose come was Kelly Byer reports on the latest case in snow call me this call may valley school district notified students and families this week about the death of multi high school junior Robert draper from a drug overdose he died on Sunday after taking cocaine laced with fentanyl this follows similar deaths in neighboring east side communities last fall all involving drugs associated with that knowledge the school district is offering students virtual help today and tomorrow with school counselors psychologists and therapists helping them deal with their grief Kelly Bleier komo news coming up is it possible to fully protect dentists and hygienists as those officers prepare to re open all the way I'm Carly Johnson for marina Rogers bank with a global traffic update well we have a collision on four oh five it's a northbound four oh five just north of eighty fifth in Kirkland it's taking up the left general purpose lane in both toll lanes that I am seeing a little bit of a back up for me it's also really went on the roadways there we're having kind of that that bizarre weather where it can be wet on the roads but the sun is trying to break through the clouds so causes a real serious glare we also have the closure of the hood canal bridge right now for a boat traffic hopefully they'll be re opening soon your next come much traffic at two fourteen the couple eco roof forecast now here's meteorologist Kristen Clarke while cool sunshine is in place across a good portion of Puget Sound it is the.

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