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Store later stopped a car and Oxnard with several people inside officers say they found loaded fire. Arms during a search of the car and later determined that the people inside were connected to the shooting and were arrested. A police officer who was shot in Detroit is now in stable condition. Detroit police chief James Craig says the officer was shot last night when responding to a wrong way driver speeding down in alley. Spirited good condition, rush doing his job, and be the man injured two of the officers by pinning them to the patrol car with his vehicle, and then shooting them, hitting third officers. Officers returned. Fire hitting the shooter five times, the guy is in critical condition. The two other officers are okay. A major minority group needs space in the Smithsonian that is Asian Americans are pushing Smithsonian gallery of their own on Washington's National mall. The mall already has buildings dedicated to native Americans and African Americans. Lisa sake, who was the director of the Smithsonian Asian Pacific American center says a permanent space would provide recognition of group with a rich American history, Asian Americans are the fastest growing minority in the United States and have been migrating to the US in significant numbers since the nineteenth century test about ETA KFI news. Watch out for closure that's in Pomona on the ten. This is on the eastbound side. Gary, Jack big rig has only the right lane open on the eastbound side. This happened around six o'clock, this morning, your drive, heavy from Dudley, a real fam- odyssey. Curses up their game. If you're thinking about maybe a romantic night out with lava, or maybe you just want to go ahead and enjoy the beautiful scenery of DC. You gotta check out the wavy redesigned, their ships from the refinements in lighting and textures to the remodel dancefloor and bar space. I said bar and not to mention minimizing fuel consumption and emissions. Get a sneak peek of the brand new beautiful interiors at their website odyssey, cruises dot com. It's odi. Y. S. S. E Y, cruises dot com. At bluecross blueshield,.

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