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To wait. Contact your doctor. Brought to you by Bristol-Myers Squibb and Pfizer. It's 9 38. Traffic and weather on the 8s, let's go back to Jack. Sounds like this may be possibly some road work, and arundel county I 97 northbound, just past veterans highway. I think we've got one to the left getting by. And there have been reported crash southbound after benfield boulevard where the left lane had been getting by. This could be one and the same. So just take it easy. We definitely have a delay in the northbound direction. You'll find otherwise in Maryland, you're looking good between northeast and the bay bridge on 50 westbound 50 at the bay bridge. There is work today blocking the left lane, follow those overhead lane control signals. They always looking good, through Montgomery and prince George's county's little heavy on the inner loop, college park. There is a late slowdown going south on the Baltimore Washington Parkway, leaving 32 toward one 98. Two 70 is good to go between Bethesda and Frederick, north and south, work zone in Bethesda, south on three 55 after the beltway, left lane there should be getting you by. There was an earlier wreck on two O two and the intersection with McCormick drive. Also southbound 95 near two 12, that crash got moved safely onto the shoulder and the delay eased. No late issues on the beltway in Virginia, you're looking good there, 66 is fine. Gainesville east and west headed toward Rosalind and back. 95 going south, heavy traffic near Dale City, crash involving a truck, sits on the safely on the right shoulder. Then southbound after 6 30 in Stafford, there was a broken down vehicle. I think that cleared from the right lane down your mile post one 39 and those delays are slowly easing. North 95 of the truck scales and Dale City the work zone to right lanes reportedly were getting by. Still late delays on 7 eastbound and Ashburn, the crash after loudoun county Parkway had been blocking that far left lane. Still so heavy traffic in the district, south on D.C. two 95 toward east capital street. Watch for the medical emergency in southeast on Stanton road at Alabama avenue. Start the new year right by making traffic a thing of the past. Take the 66 express lanes outside the beltway and save time on your next commute. Visit ride 66 express dot com today so you can sit less and live more. Jack Taylor WTO P traffic. You're not a storm team fours, Mike's Jennifer. Partly the bossy Sonny today has been in the mid to upper 40s overnight part the cloudy lows mid 20s to lower 30s, nice day on Saturday, prodigality and Walmart, high zone to mid 50s

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