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Savant dot com the home of statcast data on the internet. You can look at a lot of this spin rate data. Not even just after the fact but in real time as well so what i wanna to do today was run through once again here and look at some spin rate decreases in their recent starts or appearances. Some of the guys. I talked on the last show like dylan bundy or a griffin canning. Both of those guys had some velocity concerns in their most recent starts. But guys like tyler anderson and the relievers for the pittsburgh pirates lot of spin rate decreases across the board juan de peralta of the yankees reliever gyms karen check of the indians reliever tyler of the braves or reliever obviously garrett cole trevor. Bauer tyler male guys like that. But as i said i'm trying to kind of parse out the velocity drops because that will impact spin to a high degree so to run through here by day going back to thursday. We need some guys that have had some spin rate decreases and is that i think are worth paying very close. Attention to and i've highlighted. Some of them were the velocity has gone up but the spin rate has gone down and those are the ones that i'm paying very very close attention to here in the near future and something else to and i'll talk about this a little bit more. Once i run through this list is that it's hard to be most obvious to see what starting pitchers and starting pitchers are going to get the most run the most publicity out there for having spin rate drops but a lot of relievers are going to be very negatively impacted by. What's happening here and i'm not gonna say that you know if you guys are doing it. Everybody in the team is doing it. But kind of based on what. I've taken a look at so far here. There are some teams where it does look like a lot of their bullpens using substances kind of sharing ideas stuff like that so there may be some bullpens that will be negatively impacted by this alleged crackdown which supposedly started yesterday where umpires can take more of a look at it and all of that. We could very well. Get our first suspensions this week so we'll be on the lookout for that as well but just run through a list of guys here to kind of keep an eye on you as i was doing this too. I also saw some guys that maybe we've had velocity and spin rate decreases to where i kind of be worried about some underlying injury factors or something like that. I'll try to run through these quickly if you want to get on the list for the box notes and i very much encourage you to do that. Email me skating. Tripods at g all your i do some email so you wanna be on the list for the show. It's very easy to do. that's something i think. You should definitely do here as i run through. This list of names has certain looking at some profiles of some teams. Maybe that are kind of doing this more than others if we get a lotta pictures on the same teams kind of popping up. Well that's something that we may want to take a little bit of an extended look at. Let's go back to thursday here. A reliever to start things off. Lucas sims for the cincinnati reds fastball. Velocity up spin rate down on his fastball about two hundred and twenty nine rpm from his season average. In that appearance on thursday in fact we also saw that again from him on sunday. So lucas sims a guy who's pitching in high leveraged for the reds right. Now uh some pretty big spin rate decreases. That's a guy that you want. Keep an eye on and also probably a bullpen unit. As well that you want to keep a close eye on. I've mentioned tyler matic a few times here for the atlanta braves. But in thursday's appearances. For luke jackson and also chris martin two guys with some spin rate decreases coming out of that atlanta bullpen and atlanta bullpen. Which was very good last year. Very good the year before. Hasn't been as good this season. They really haven't been able to get into form so far this year. For one reason or another but matt's definitely appears to be a guy that's been using something maybe martin as well jackson spin rates came up a little bit in his appearance on saturday. So maybe not him. But i do think that the reds and the braves bullpens are maybe a couple of units that you do want to watch closely and as i said. I don't want to accuse anybody directly of anything. I'm just looking at interpreting and analyzing the data to see what's out there but there are some guys where does look like there are some shady things going on and maybe some teams as well. So as i said the reds and the braves too bullpens you wanna keep a very close eye on here not spin rate related per se but just to sheffield of the mariners in his start on thursday velocity was down and his spin rates. Were down so maybe just the day where he couldn't get loose or something like that but keep an eye on justice. Sheffield for his next start. Maybe some injury indicators there with him more so than you know using a substance or anything like that thursday. We saw a big decrease in spin rate for chichi gonzales of the colorado rockies and this is one two or that was a road start for him. That was down in miami so a road start. And if you're seeing an average fin rate decrease on the road where spin rates are typically going to be lower at chorus field. That really stands out to me. So gonzales is very much a guy that i would keep a close eye on. Why dipoto once again on thursday a velocity drop. In fact he's been used quite a bit. This could be more of an injury situation than anything else. But i do notice as i go through the player breakdowns over a baseball savant. Wannabe peralta spin rates have been down pretty consistently across the board. So there's a lot going on here. Maybe it's an injury. It's you know the stoppage of a substance something like that. But juan de peralta of the yankees is getting a lot of work and is a guy that is popping up a lot here in my research friday. We saw max scherzer where they would decrease spin rate but then he leaves the game with a groin injury so that appears to be injury related more than anything else. Speaking of injury related lakes now his spin rates were down velocity a little bit. Low fastball was down slightly. Keep an eye on this one here to blake snell here coming up in his next start on wednesday auburn on friday. Spin rates down. A little bit fastball. Velocity down a little bit as.

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