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Based on what he said what he just said is masks work better than the vaccine and as far as we can tell masks. Don't help at all if you really want to see your the republicans die. Who'd seem to be the people who aren't taking this and just let him die Which way isn't happening year and a half. What is it the fifteen months you've been you've been saying the certainly didn't kill any libertarians. Got you've been saying that the unmasked and the people who don't social distance people just walking around they don't care are gonna die handed. I i haven't seen that happen. Because our continued existence proves that they freaked out over nothing. Yes that's right. And they are mad about the fact that there are people who are unvaccinated. And there's a lot of people online who are wishing death the people who said this is all about safety and keeping people alive are wishing death on those of us who aren't playing their little game by the way aria. Vcu health dot org says the difference between the vaccines between pfizer madera. Johnson johnson is that madonna and pfizer use 'em our technology but the johnson and johnson vaccine uses the more traditional virus based technology so johnson and johnson standard vaccine. I don't remember where i read. That side wouldn't ever be able to find it but it's still not working either because it's and it's one shot and it's the cheapest by the way. Yeah but it's still not you know. I don't know if it's any less or more effective than the madeira non visor because so far. It seems like this stuff isn't a vaccine that it's something else besides the vaccine. It may just be a way for them to get rich or maybe some sort of more dastardly Thing than that. You know massive experiment on the human population. I know for the past year. Johnson johnson has been demonized on many occasions. Universal basic income doesn't work because of a because of exactly what happened this year because disincentivize people doing anything you mean that's gone and they're still not out there looking for jobs. I think i think it hasn't been gone long enough. Give it another couple of months these people..

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