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Be the face of the live tour. So here's where I come out on it. If the membership of the PGA Tour is against it, which is the players, not the tour structure. The employees of the tour, the PGA players are against it, and Jack Nicklaus is against it. And Tiger Woods is against it. Guess what side Davis loves going on? I'm gonna stick with Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus. And unfortunately, we lost Arnold Palmer last year, year and a half ago. Arnold Palmer was against this in 1994. And actually called a meeting in his office of the top 30 players in the world and said, this is wrong. So I'm with Arnold and Jack and Tiger. You're exactly right. They play for legacy and history and the trickle down to all the other players that benefit from the top players. We play a 156 players, 125 to a 156 players a week, not 30, not 48. Last week was interesting because a young man 20 years old won a PGA Tour event and earned PGA Tour membership. His lifelong dream. That's interesting. For Tony finau winning two in a row, not the same 48 guys playing an exhibition over and over and over and over. That's going to get boring. Who excites you right now? Who's game really? I mean, who were the future torch bearers of the PGA? Who is the most exciting game in your opinion right now? Here we go. Let's talk golf. Cam young. Cam young that's in his second open championship at saint Andrews. I played with him in Detroit two weeks ago. That is and young Tom Kim that just won the window. That's the future of professional golf. The game will move on from Davis love and Fred Couples. There's a young group of kids, the American golfers, the international golfers right now that are trying to play on the PGA Tour, chase, Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods records are incredible. Thank you Davis love the third for joining us. You can hear the full conversation on the Bloomberg business of sports podcast up next soccer is here. La Liga North America CEO Boris Gartner joins us straight ahead on the Bloomberg business of sports. Damian SaaS

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